Beauty Rhiview: Naturalico Organic Vitamin C Serum

Naturalico Organic Vitamin C Serum
Product Details: Vitamin C Serum can be used daily and works well with all types of skin. The serum will not clog pores & does not contain parabens or alcohol. This serum is thinner than our other serums and is considered to be the most bioavailable serum on the market. Due to the Organic Rosehip Oil and Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil, our Vitamin C Serum is super hydrating all day leaving your face with a refreshing, well-rested and radiant glow.
REVIVES DULL SKIN & REDUCES DISCOLORATION - Vitamin C has the remarkable ability to decrease the prominence of hyperpigmentation while brightening skin that is tired and stressed. Regular use of our vitamin C serum will help to restore that youthful glow and promote a more even skin tone.
SOFTENS LINES AND WRINKLES - The hyaluronic acid and sea buckthorn oil organic extract in our anti aging serum help to plump the skin upon application. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished as a result, leaving your skin looking years younger.
PROTECTS AND FIRMS - The vitamin C present in our anti aging system face serum provides protection from the free radicals that damage skin cells and contribute to wrinkles. The anti aging serum also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibers, toning and firming aging skin to make it more resistant to wrinkling.Directions
Wash and pat skin dry. If you are going to use a toner, apply the toner before the serum. Apply a small amount to entire face, neck and decollete. Allow to dry. Can be used daily; can be used under make up. Follow with a high quality moisturizer.

Ingredients: 20% VITAMIN C, ORGANIC ROSEHIP OIL, ORGANIC SEA BUCKTHORN OIL, RESISTEM (PLANT STEM CELLS), HYALURONIC ACID(BOTANICAL), GREEN TEA EXTRACT All of our products including our Vitamin C serum are totally natural and organic. We do not use alcohol or parabens. Our Hyaluronic Acid Serum is 98% natural and 72% organic (whole foods). All of our products are created in a state of the art, FDA certified facility here in the US.

I liked it, but my skin did not... (4 Stars)

I've been on a kick of Vitamin C serums for about a year now. I like the way they brighten my complexion and help balance my skin type. I love that this one from Naturalico is organic and contains no alcohol or parapens. Unfortunately, as soon as I stated using it I had a huge acne breakout that I can only guess was that my skin—which is notoriously reactive—did not like the rosehip oil which is has had this reaction to with the pure oil used as a moisturizer.

It smells nice and spreads well but after about 10 days of waking up to new pimples every day I had to stop using it. While it caused my skin to go bananas I would still recommend it to other Vitamin C serum fans as an affordable and pretty eco-friendly option. If your skin is on the reactive side, however, you might want to be sure that rosehip oil is not too heavy for you.

Notes: I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review.

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