Beauty Rhi-view: Oleavine Konjac Sponge with French Green Clay

Oleavine Konjac Sponge with French Green Clay

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Product Details: Your Search For the Perfect Exfoliating Beauty Sponge is Over!
Imagine being able to gently exfoliate each day as the cornerstone of your beauty regime so your other favorite beauty products will be more effective than ever.
Don't be surprised if your new daily exfoliating habit becomes your favorite part of the day as you gently massage and relax your face. The scientist types will tell you this also increases circulation and skin cell turnover, etc... but we just think it feels amazing, and that's enough for us.
When the gorgeous box arrives, take a second to admire the great care we took in making sure you get the most out of your new sponge. It's not rocket science, but there are a few pointers on the box so you get the best experience and extend the life of this precious "Miracle Sponge". As with any Konjac Sponge, you should replace your sponge every 2-3 months.
Be confident in knowing your new Beauty Sponge is:
-Free From Chemicals, Pollution and Irritants
-100% Biodegradable and Sustainable (You can even plant it in your flowerbed or compost when you want to retire it)
-Not Tested on Animals, and Vegan Friendly
-Has NO Added Dyes or Colorants
You'll soon discover why so many people describe it as the "Miracle Sponge" because of how many tasks it helps with:
-Gently Exfoliates
-Deeply Cleanses
-Effectively Detoxifies
-Luxuriously Refreshes
-Naturally Moisturizes

Love Oleavine Konjac Sponges (5 Stars)

This was the year I discovered oil based cleansers and konjac sponges, an amazing duo for great skincare. I suffer from sensitive and reactive skin so any changes or harsh chemicals stress my poor face out, but it's also a combination of oily and dry that changes with the seasons. I live in a very dry, windy climate so I need very gentle products and Oleavine's konjac sponges are one of my new favorites.

I used and liked the charcoal infused sponge during the summer but was very interested in seeing if the french green clay would have a stronger purifying effect on my skin. Let me tell you, if the breakout I've had since I began using this is any indicator it's working. Worse breakouts at first are common because the clay draws out impurities but after a few weeks of use that should clear up. If you are an acne sufferer who needs a very gentle exfoliator I would definitely recommend it.

But for me what makes Oleavine's konjac sponges superior to others I have tried is the shape. The narrow end is awesome for getting areas like where the jaw and ears meet as well as the nose. I tried smaller, round sponges that were okay overall, but ultimately I came back to Oleavine for the shape and quality.

Notes: Complimentary product received in exchange for an honest review.

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