Wellness Rhi-view: Infuser Water Bottle #FruitFusion

I hate water.

Yeah, you read that correctly. I've been a water hater since I was a kid. It's boring. Kids don't like boring and unfortunately, grown-ups don't either. Last summer I got on a kick of actually taking care of myself though and started trying to force hydration on myself. But plain water is so hard to drink that I started tossing herbs from my garden or the grocery store and slices of fruit or veggies into my water and letting it sit overnight to give it flavor. (That's called infusion for all you word nerds).

My friends and family loved the ideas I started sharing for making water less dull and I started noticing that lots of other bloggers and health nuts were doing it too. You can't get a newsletter for free books on Amazon without having at least one book on infused waters popping up every week. Yep, the world is hooked on infused waters!

But not everyone is a work-at-home parent like I am and can just make a whole pitcher to come back to throughout the day. That's why I offered Big Easy Brands my services as a tester and reviewer for their Infuser Water Bottle. I wanted to find a great portable option for taking to work, on car trips, where ever you need hydration on-the-go!

Check out the details: 

Infuser Water Bottle from Big Easy Brands
Give Your Water a Fruity Splash!
- 26 ounce fill capacity
- Easy to use and makes delicious natural fruit flavored beverages!
- Liquid flows around and through the fruit to flavor the drink.
- Removable fruit infuser
- BPA Free
- Lead Free
- Bottle is made of PET Plastic - the Safest Plastic in Drinkware and the New Alternative to Polycarbonate
- Basket is made of Polypropylene
- Wide Mouth - 63 mm Neck
- Fits most Cup Holders
- Dishwasher Safe
- Do Not Microwave
- Made in the USA
Seller Warranty - 1 Year Guarantee. We will replace any defective bottle.
Just let us know and we'll have a new one to you in a jif.
The first thing that I was thrilled to see is that it's made here in the USA. The second is that it's made with PET and Polypropylene parts. What I think you guys will love is that it fits most cupholders so it's easy to transport to the gym or work. Perfect for road trips when you're trying to avoid filling up on sugary junk beverages that leave you feeling cruddy post-travel.

For this post I featured one of my favorite infusions, raspberry-mint, because I have a ridiculous amount of mint growing in my garden. Plus, I love the bright red hue of the berries contrasted against the crisp green mint. Just looking at it perks me up.

The bottle makes it easy to set up an infusion with easy to clean parts that screw together to keep the ingredients contained. As you sip from the spout—which folds up and down into the handle—the water flows over the ingredients every time so even if you don't leave it to sit overnight you'll get a burst of flavor with every sip.

One of my favorite features is the loop that makes a handle. If I'm heading out the door my hands are always full and grabbing the loop with a couple of fingers until I get in the car just saves me headache. Literally. If you've ever had a dehydration headache you know how hard they are to kick once they start.

Another reason to start enjoying infused water other than that it makes it more palatable is the health benefits. Yes really! 

While you're not going to get the same benefits as you would by eating the ingredients whole, you are still getting vitamins. Plus, some ingredients can have an immediate effect like ginger for tackling nausea or mint for alertness. I always feel more energetic after drinking lemon-thyme and I wish I'd tried the lime-ginger during my last pregnancy when I had all-day morning sickness and hated the taste of water more than usual.

Have you tried infusing water yet? What's your favorite blend? Tweet #FruitFusion to @RhiReading and tell me which of my suggested combos you'd like to try!

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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