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Dear readers, almost five years ago I was able to buy my first home. It was an exciting step in my life as I'd been an apartment dweller for the fifteen years proceeding it. Owning a home is a pretty big part of the American Dream but one of the things I miss most about renting was letting a landlord or their hired help take care of things I don't know how to do. Like getting an exterminator to come deal with the mouse living in my bedroom ceiling—yes, we're really dealing with that one right now!

But owning property opens you up to lots of opportunities to learn things like how to fix a running toilet in the middle of the night or the value of choosing to spend more on new windows at the outset for long-term quality. My grandmother and my late grandfather have been rental property owners since long before I was even thought of, so over the years I've seen the struggles of the landlord too. From tenants who destroyed carpet to others who had frequent domestic disputes or were never on-time with their rent, being a landlord has some tough challenges because you can't always know just who you're renting to.

Which is one reason I found Tenantify really unique. It offers a way to verify potential renters' employment and income so you know before a lease is signed that they have a job and that their income is real. They are currently the only website that offers this and hopefully they'll eventually have criminal record and credit checks too.

If you're renting out a property the service is completely FREE for you!!! The potential renter pays a small fee for one or both services so they can prove to you that they have the ability to pay you.

If you're a renter looking for a new home this is a win for you too! While a credit report has its uses, that one mess-up you had 4 years ago that dinged your score probably doesn't accurately reflect where you're at now. By having your ability to pay your rent verified through Tenantify's unique process you can show your potential landlord that you have the means to do so.

Does it sound like Tenantify might be the right service for you? They have sample verifications you can examine in detail to see how the process works.

Perhaps the day will come when we purchase a rental property and get to fix someone else's toilet and hope the new tentant's cat doesn't destroy the curtains (like our cats did in our last apartment), if we do it's great to know that we can have our potential renters' income and employment status verified with ease thanks to Tenantify. In fact, I think I'm going to recommend it to my grandmother next time she is screening new tenants to save her time and worry.

Notes: I am being compensated with a giftcard in exchange for this feature post. All opinions provided here are my own and in no way influenced by my being compensated. Images used in this post are screen captures from Tenantify or were sourced from www.freeimages.com and used per the tou for use.

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