Book Rhi-flection: Some fun titles for Preschoolers!

I decided that this summer I was going to get a library card for myself and both of the kids. With Monk going into high school and taking honors English, he needs to become a more enthusiastic reader. Punk on the other hand, just loves being read to so much we were in need of a way to give her more materials for free. I love requesting books for her from publishers but there aren't a lot who approve me... I think they don't think you can read erotica and board books and enjoy both. *snort*

We've really enjoyed it so far and having not stepped foot into our local library in about 15 years I forgot how much I loved it when I was a kid. So I thought I might make a list of the books we've really enjoyed together and a little bit about why we liked each.
Sometimes, Katie loses her temper.Sometimes she uses her feet and her fists instead of words. When Katie is this mad, she's just not herself. Sometimes, she's BOMBALOO.
Being BOMBALOO is scary. But a little time-out and a lot of love calm BOMBALOO down and help Katie feel like Katie again!
Punk actually did not like this one for some reason but I really, really liked it. It was a really interesting take on being angry, how we sometimes deal with our feelings inappropriately, and how to resolve them. A great way to open a conversation about tantrums.

Lucy is good at drawing and making things at school. But there’s a bully at school, and he’s very mean to Lucy. She can’t tell anyone the bully rips her books and breaks her things, because he told her not to—or else! Now every day she comes home scared and sad. What can Lucy do? And who can Lucy tell? Claire Alexander’s simple story and bright illustrations will help young children talk openly about bullying. Best of all, it will reassure them that bullies can be stopped.

Punk was very interested in this one but it was definitely a little above her level of social understanding as an 'issue' story. Even though it wasn't really relative to her it was a great story for opening a conversation about how we treat others and what to do when someone isn't behaving in a safe or kind way toward us. I really liked (though I felt it was unrealistic) that the characters became friends.

It's the principal Mr. Slipper's birthday, and while the rest of the class gets busy writing cards for the occasion, Stan becomes frustrated when his letters come out all in a muddle. Stan is afraid to ask for help, until a friend assures him that nobody's good at everything. And after lots and lots of practice, Stan's letters come out the right way round and the right way up.This delightful book deals with a common childhood frustration and will remind readers that practice pays off and that everyone has to ask for help sometimes.

Another one from Claire Alexander set in the same school as LUCY AND THE BULLY. Punk loved this one and I thought it was perfect for her stage. Great for kids who are struggling with keeping up with their peers academically who are getting frustrated with learning. It encourages asking for help and practice/perseverance.

One day Oscar comes across a nest made of twigs and leaves, perfect for sheltering eggs. It makes him wonder about all the things we use — like glass, paper, plastic, and cloth. With the help of his friend Snail, the curious kitten learns why we choose specific materials to do different jobs, where the materials come from, and what useful qualities they have.

This was one that I picked out because finding science focused picture books that come across as a 'story' is difficult. I'm so glad I grabbed it because Punk really enjoyed it. It focused on materials and their properties such as how a feather is soft and how glass is made. Some pretty complicated concepts boiled down to a level a preschooler will get. I'll be looking for more books about Oscar for sure.

After quite an adventure, the smallest of six nesting dolls finds her way back to her sisters.
Punk loves the holiday themed matroyshkas that I bring out at Christmas time. So when she pulled this one off the shelf at the library I was crossing my fingers she would want it. It's a simple, sweet story with a cadence perfect for reading aloud at bedtime. I just loved it and I think she liked it pretty well too. It made me wish I had painting talent so I could buy an unfinished set and paint them up.

 We'd love your recommendations for books to look for if too! Does your preschooler have a favorite book? Recommendation for something featuring science? Please leave us a comment!

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