Beauty Rhi-view: Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spas

Not gonna lie... the VioletVoxbox from Influenster came at the WORST time of year for me to be trying to get lots of free time in for focusing on trying the new stuff. I love the holiday season but hate the stress that comes with trying to make it come together. Between shopping, financial stress, bad weather, menu planning, wrapping, and decorating... it all gets to be a bit much. I was so excited for my box to come but worried I was going to have just one more chore (on top of my many jobs and the holiday) to try and find time for. Thank goodness there was a spa treat from Montagne Jeunesse inside!

I've reviewed Montagne Jeunesse masks before but the new Clay Spas have something special to offer, they're not just a packet of mud, they're fabric masks soaked in it!

I received the Dead Sea Mud Spa version but there is also a Glacial Clay Spa and a Red Earth Clay Spa mask.

"Breathe life back into skin with intensely invigorating and revitalising Dead Sea Minerals. We’ve harvested the oceans nutrient rich Seaweed and Kelp right from the source – A satisfying boost for thirsty skin and then some!"

It's designed for Combination, Oily, and Normal skin types so I was a little nervous because while my skin is very much Combination it can be reactive. It was also in the process of breaking out at the time I decided to use the mask and I wasn't sure if it would help or make it worse. Figuring I deserved some pampering I ripped into it and quickly realized this is like no mask I'd tried before.

Cleanse • Apply • Relax • Massage • Rinse

The mask claims to be fabric but I think it's more of a paper than a fabric and I mean that in a good way. It's a bit like a thin baby wipe in weight and texture and it's saturated with the clay mask. Now that I've tried it I would recommend that you massage the mask around inside the packet before opening. By squeezing it a bit I think the clay mixture would be spread more evenly.

It's a little tricky to unfold at first but the holes for the eyes and mouth are very big so once you figure out where all your holes go you're golden. The nose area is a bit weird and my long one was way too big to get properly covered by the mask. I carefully flattened it around my face finding that it was a little too short for my high forehead but way to long for my tiny chin—thanks a lot dad!—so it had to be tucked under it a bit.

Me and my long nose... but the good news was that it didn't wind up bothering my nose piercing or pulling at it once the mask dried. A big thumbs up for that because one thing I hate about most masks is trying to clean up that spot without catching it.

The bottom tucked up under my chin and around my jaw.

I sat down and binged on Pinterest for 20 minutes while my mask set. I loved the tingling sensation for the first half but by the time it was removal time it was really uncomfortable. :(

As you can see the mask came off nice and easy with only a little residue that I needed to clean off. It also didn't leave my skin red and irritated even though I was uncomfortably itchy and tingly even after washing it all off for another hour or so. That said, my skin was soft as a baby's for the rest of the evening and felt nice the next morning too.

I would probably not use the Dead Sea Clay Spa again myself, as it did make my skin get reactive but I would recommend it to non-sensitive skin types who suffer from oily issues in the winter when exposure to indoor heating can cause over-production. It smelled wonderful, almost manly, and was a nice relaxing treat during a stressful time.

One of the things I love about MJ masks is that their company focuses not just on making their users beautiful, but being animal friendly too. At about $2.50 for a mask they're also a great bargain. I usually have to find them shoved onto the side of an end cap at my local Walmart so if you're having trouble finding them try looking near the make-up aisle.

Want to know more? Visit Montagne Jeunesse's website or find them on social media.

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Note: I received this product through Influenster's Voxbox program which provides members with free products in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions shared here are my own and not influenced by the freeness of the product. If you'd like to know more about how Influenster works please visit their website.

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