Beauty Rhi-flection: My Shining Moment

Since my #VioletVoxbox arrived in my mailbox I've been buried under that thing known as life. First it was the hub-bub of the holiday season. Then the new year began and things started going back to a somewhat more manageable pace. I still haven't quite reached my usual self yet, but I'm getting there. You see... 2013 was a difficult year. Not the worst I've experienced and though it did have many high notes, it was more sour than sweet. I don't always cope so well with tough things and so when my box arrived filled with exciting goodies I was really in the dumps. Not even getting to feed my polish addiction and my strange penchant for teal shades was enough to conquer it.

Sure, I took time to attempt a mani one afternoon when I had a bunch of other things I needed to be doing just to be my rebel self but look at it! Just looooook at it. Definitely not well done. I'll let you guys in on a little secret... I will NEVER be a nail art blogger. Never ever. My hands shake. A lot. Like leaves on trees in a thunderstorm. Okay, maybe not that bad but when you're trying to paint your nails doesn't it feel like that?

I love the color I received—DIVE IN, such a cute name—and how glossy everyone else's manis looked on social media. But I couldn't get mine to dry. So I tried the cold water trick, which I'd recently found thanks to Pinterest and had tried with other polishes to great effect. OMG it was the WORST thing I could have done with Sally Hansen Triple Shine. I assumed since it's supposed to be water resistant it would work even better. Instead it formed hideous little cracks all over it. *facepalm*

So I patted my nails to get rid of the water cracks and did another coat and another and another. I'm honestly not even sure if when I took my instagram shot they were even dry. I had a mini meltdown and went and removed it all once I had the photo taken. I was just so upset between the shaky edges, the darned polish taking too long to dry, and then having to keep trying to fix it for a photo. It was definitely #NOTmyshiningmoment.

Then the holiday came and I was too busy doing things for others to even think about taking time for myself for this one simple beauty ritual that is so difficult for me but makes me feel good. The new year rolled in with social obligations and finally the teenager back in school only to have the hubs have to take use-or-lose time off from work. Where is the me-time, darnit?

So here I was, looking at my Influenster profile and realizing the only thing I had yet to accomplish of my goals from the Violet Voxbox was to write about a shining moment I had while I was wearing the new Triple Shine I'd received. Oh gawd, that meant I had to get it on and make it dry again!!! [insert several hours of panicked excuse making before I got around to trying again] I had a very small amount of time before bed to squeeze it in and my hands were shakier than usual. Someone had ninja'd the batteries out of my little nail dryer. I was sweating bullets and probably looked like a circus performer as I contorted my body into the stablest possible position I could find. I'd have to get it on, get it dry, and then try to have a shining moment while I wore it... talk about pressure!

It didn't go so well. Somehow I got polish on the side of my middle finger which smudged on my index. My index finger twitched just enough to bump into something and smudged the tip. I kept having to add coats to because it was looking a bit streaky. It was another disaster. I was frustrated and stopped with only one hand done. And just when I thought it was dry I smudged them on a towel!!!

But here's where my shining moment comes in...

To give you some perspective on what it's really all about I had to look up the word shine.

Well, I definitely do not shine at painting my fingernails. If I could afford a daily mani I would pay for it just so I could enjoy my polish collection all year round—'cause let's face it a pedi is way easier. But today I realized that I DO shine at something, something that I've always kind of taken for granted... I persevere.

I didn't let that I had only one hand with painted nails (and not such a great set I might add) get me down. Instead of taking it off to avoid people thinking I was weird as I ran my errands I decided that I had worked really darned hard for that one hand. I was going to rock it all dang day. And I did.

It's a little crooked and my cuticles are nasty from the winter weather but I trudged on with my life single-handedly (pun totally intended) today. I let that determined part of myself keep on keeping on without shame over a less-than-flawless mani. So maybe my #TripleShine experience isn't looking quite as shiny as everyone else's but I took my shade's name to heart and let myself just DIVE IN.

P.S. -- Check out this video for more about Sally Hansen Triple Shine nail polish including lots of the colors! I think I will go for a glitter when I shop for them because glitters tend to be a bit friendlier to mistakes and smudges... trust me, I've got a lot of experience with that. Plus, they have a top coat which might be a great choice for making your old favorites just as glossy!

Note: I received this product through Influenster's Voxbox program which provides members with free products in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions shared here are my own and not influenced by the freeness of the product. If you'd like to know more about how Influenster works please visit their website.

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