Beauty Rhi-flection: Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics

  • Soft, stretchy material that looks beautiful on the wrist or in the hair!

  • From America’s #1 elastics brand, Goody® Ouchless®

  • Unique knot style hair ties are perfect for personalizing or dressing up your look.

  • Who out there would have a panic session if they were caught without a hair tie? I know I do. I'm in dire need of a haircut right now and so it's been braids, buns, and ponytails for months now. Gotta keep this mop in control ya know?

    I've been a Goody fan since I can remember. I just love their Ouchless Elastics so when I saw the new Ribbon Elastics in the store I almost bought them. But they only had them in the variety I received in the Sunkissed Voxbox and I'm just not a big pink and purple fan. At about $4 for 5 they're a pretty good buy over the really pricey ones I've seen in salons though.

    I like them most because they don't leave creases in my hair while still having pretty good hold. Even if they get wet... like in my pool day braids at right. Great for casual everyday uses but easily dressed up for those high ponies that are really popular right now.

    I recently found out I needed a photo for promotional purposes for my business so I panicked. My hair is just too insane lately and I haven't had the extra cash to get my hair cut by the only person I'll let touch it. Since I'd just got my #SunVoxBox and had the Ouchless Ribbon Elastics to play with I figured I'd attempt a sleek high pony.

    I learned how to do it from a magazine and couldn't believe how easy it is! 

    Separate the top section of hair and pull the rest into a high pony. Divide the top section into two parts and curl each at the roots to give it lift. Spritz on hairspray and then wrap it around the other pony, keeping it high. Curl the ends and voila... a very grown-up ponytail.

    See how nice my photo ready hair turned out? Pretty huh?

    Unlike every other elastic I've used in this style these didn't give that pulling sensation that results in a headache as the day goes by. I also love that they're comfortable on your wrist too. I usually have some kind of hair tie on mine if I'm not wearing my hair up because I have so much hair. You've just gotta be able to get it out of the way quick sometimes.

    How cute are these mixed in with some of my favorite bracelets?

    I really hope they start getting some more colors and maybe some cute prints out in stores. I was trying to think what I'd most want and I definitely want neons! I've been getting into neons again this summer, the bright hues just pop with my dark hair and they're cheerful. I'd love leopard or ombre ones too. If you could find colors or prints you'd like in Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics what ones would you want?

    Note: I received this product through Influenster's Voxbox program which provides members with free products in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions shared here are my own and not influenced by the freeness of the product. If you'd like to know more about how Influenster works please visit their website.

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