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There are few things in life that really give me a lot of pleasure. Even things that do, often come with stress... like writing up blog posts for example. Fun, but tempered with the stress factor of trying to make it informative, coherent, enjoyable, and oft times meeting a deadline (or being timely) it can be a little bit like... well... work.
Since most of my friends don't live anywhere near me it's not easy to put together a girl's night, let alone a girl's night in. But I was so excited when Cravebox announced the GIRLS NIGHT IN Cravebox because I loved the categories of products, this was pretty much a box with my name written all over it. Then came the bad news... they weren't going to be able to ship them to certain states because of laws regarding alcohol. How ironic is it that children can go into bars in my state but I can't have wine shipped to my home within it? Maybe it's a good thing because I'd be allllll over getting certain hard to find wines and liquers shipped my way and have no money for Craveboxes. lol
Then good news came. Cravebox heard the cries of those of us afflicted by the issues of our state's laws—mine is actually the weirdest of them all—and decided to let some of us have boxes MINUS the nakedwines.com giftcard. A bummer in that I would have given the giftcard to my mom in one of the okay states but still a cool move on their part.
When my box showed up I was super excited. What better way to end a really exhausting week than with a box of goodies just for moi? As you can see it is backed with a cool variety of goodies.

There at the top was this pamphlet from Ford's Warriors in Pink charity and tucked in is a seriously gorgeous scarf. I have always been fond of the designs they've put out but the truth is, I'm a horrible person. I don't support breast cancer. I know... you're freaking out wondering why I'd say such a controversial jerk-faced thing but after reading this article when it came out I realized that the feelings I already had about breast cancer getting so much attention weren't a crime. If you think I'm a horrible person for saying any of this please, please, please read the article!!!
For me personally, I prefer to focus on other cancers and wish more charitable sponsorships would stop giving boobs all of the love and focus on our under appreciated ovaries! Kudos to Ford for caring though.

My little rant aside, how beautiful is this scarf? It reminds me of saris, in fact... my mom has the two that belonged to my grandmother and they're this shade of pink and a blue very close to this! I've got a birthday thing to go to on Friday that I think I'm going to wear this to.

The 'meh' item of the box was this bottle of grape flavored Fruit2O. My stance on artificial sweeteners (this one has sucralose) is well noted here at RhiAlistic and this bad boy was so sweet that one sip was too much. I tried... okay! I left it sitting on the coffee table to go swap laundry and the tot got hold of it though and she loved it. *snort* Figures... the 3-year-old would find uber sweet grape flavored water awesome. lol So against my better judgement I let her drink it.

How many of you love comedies? Then you're probably already familiar with Fox's sitcoms, New Girl and The Mindy Project. Are they any good? 'Cause I have a confession... I don't like sitcoms. I make an exception for The Big Bang Theory (I'm a geek so this just stands to reason) when I'm in the mood for something funny which is usually when I'm dying of the flu. That whole 'laughter is the best medicine' thing or something.

Anyway... the box had these gorgeous nail polishes and a jumbo file! How cool are those?

In an ironic twist of fate I had just bought a bottle of Essie's Ballet Slippers four days earlier and these two are nearly a match. Methinks it's mani-pedi time... when I can find some time to not be using my hands for a dozen things.

The oddity of the box is the Zaca organic recovery patch. I popped mine open to see if there was more info about it because of my seizure disorder making certain naturals unsafe. After reading the website info I'm in the clear so I'll be giving them a try at the aforementioned birthday bash I'm going to. Should be interesting to say the least. I've tried other anti-hangover products before and wasn't all that impressed. It's supposed to just make you feel great period... so we'll see how I feel on Saturday. ;)

My favorite item in the box hands down is the Renewing Hand Cream from Tree Hut. It's not obvious in these unboxing pics but I spent the morning painting (as mentioned in another post). My hands were so dry and cracked from scrubbing all of the paint off and sore from gripping the rollers and brushes. One small squeeze of this cream had my hands feeling soft, hydrated, and soothed. It wasn't greasy and gross feeling and even though rose isn't a fragrance I typically gravitate to, the Moroccan Rose is insanely lovely. I also LOVE that this is made in the USA! My hands still feel good four days later and I haven't re-applied it since that initial test.
As if the box wasn't already full of great stuff... there's still more!
I fell in love with Hills Bros. Cappucino mixes about 5 years ago so you can imagine my excitement at seeing not just a box of it, but a coupon too! I've actually been trying to finish a box of the Double Mocha flavor over the past two months because I didn't care for it. I'm not a big vanilla fan in general so I rarely buy French Vanilla but it's a great flavor none-the-less. Don't like vanilla or mocha? There are lots more flavors! The store I shop at only carries a few (and the sugar-free and 'skinny' vanilla ones) and my favorite, English Toffee, is almost always sold out. Here's hoping when I get to the store I can find one!

One of the things I like best about Hills Bros. Cappuncino's is that they're good hot but make amazing cold frappe style drinks! In fact, I usually only buy them in the summer because it's easy to whip up a batch fast. The original recipe to serve 'em cold had ice instead of ice cream... but I happened to have some ice cream handy so I blended some vanilla almond milk, ice cream, and the mix into this tasty treat... more like a thin milkshake but still delicious!

My husband's ex (long-story but we're actually very friendly with each other) made "homemade Kahlua" and gave me some that I might slip into my next batch for a true GIRLS NIGHT IN treat. ;)

Lastly, a Revitalizing Lip Palm in Fresh Plum from Neutrogena. A sheer lip tint with an SPF of 20 it's an unexpectedly lovely balm. I didn't think I could pull off the color but it's just sheer enough to flatter even my pale complexion, chances are if it worked for me it looks good on everyone. It lasted well through dinner and left my lips soft and happy. I have two makeup products I cannot live without—mascara and lip balms—and this will definitely be one I buy again.
It says something about how much I enjoyed this box that I immediately went and ordered the instant box version of it to be sent to my mom. Since she's in a wine friendly state I thought it would be a great Mother's Day surprise that would give her a little treat and let her feel pampered. I can't wait to hear how the wine giftcard works out for her... maybe she'll be able to bring one of the bottles she gets with her when she visits me this summer. lol

Overall, one of my favorite Craveboxes yet and that's without a $50 wine giftcard being in it!

Would you like to get this box for yourself? Check out the Instant Boxes page on Cravebox, it's currently available for $16 and be sure and grab the Cooking Light FAST MEALS box too...  New to Cravebox? When you sign up tell them rhiviews referred you and I can earn Cravebucks too. :)



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