Unboxing: Bikini Ready Cravebox

Bikini season is a long way away for we Montanans—it snowed several inches yesterday! A bikini is never happening for me anyway thanks to the unpleasant effects of pregnancy. My tummy looks more like a brain with a hole in the middle than a belly. I'm not okay with it and no matter what anyone says, I find it unsightly and if I don't like the way it looks why would I subject others to seeing it? lol
But I wanted to see what the BIKINI READY Cravebox had to offer since I hadn't had a box in a long while and just because I'll be in a one-piece doesn't mean I don't want to look nice in it. ;)

Cravebox sometimes has odd ideas on what fits a themed box but this one was decent. It focuses mostly on fitness, diet, and beauty. I had heard of most of the products before so this wasn't much product discovery for me this time. Ah well.

Pardon my daughter's reach... she loves when I get mail and had to help me with unboxing this one. lol

I'd heard of the Gympact app before but since working out is difficult for me to fit into my schedule regularly I will not be using this one. I think it is genius though! Who isn't motivated by earning a little cash? The box included a $5 promo code to get started so I might have to pass that along to a friend.

Another already familiar product are Zone Perfect nutrition bars. I haven't tried this one but the flavor sounds scrumptious! I tend to save these kind of things in my glove box, diaper bag, or purse for those times when I have errands to do and not enough time to stop and eat a proper meal. This one has 14g of protein too which makes it a nice post-workout snack option if you're focusing on muscle building strength training exercises.

One of the other products I'm intimately familiar with is Sally Hansen Nail Effects nail polish strips. I actually didn't care for the ones I had used previously but I snag these for under $3 on the Target clearance rack if I see a style I like. I've been stock-piling them for special occasions. What I do love about them is the great designs available. I'm not into geo-prints at all but this black and white design is very stylish so I will definitely wind up using it.
The other Sally Hansen product included is the Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit.
My mother-in-law used to treat me to a bi-monthly spa date with her and we both grew to love getting a brow wax. So much easier than plucking and if done right, one of the most valuable spa services I can think of. I really miss getting my brows done since we had to cut out our spa days (I can't wait until the economy isn't so cruddy, maybe we can do them again someday). I'll admit, I'm nervous about trying these on my own but who knows, it could be just what I need to feel more put together. Not too sure about the bikini line waxing... if I try it you guys will definitely be hearing about it. lol

Right now Sally Hansen also has a sweepstakes going on right now too. I'm not sure if I'll be using this coupon for $2 off a wax purchase but if you love the products be sure and check out the sweepstakes. I do kind of wish we'd gotten a coupon to try Airbrush Legs instead, since it's one of my best features but in serious need of a little extra glow after another winter.
One of the featured companies is one I have lots of familiarity with, Weleda. I love their baby products and still use them for my daughter even though she's not a baby anymore. It's an awesome company and pretty good products. I've had a couple I didn't care for but you get that with any brand.

I'm excited to give each of these samples a try save for the cellulite one. I must be a freak but I actually think cellulite is cute. I'm always kind of sad looking at airbrushed thighs, hips, and booties in magazines because I think showing the real deal is liberating. Yep, I must be a weirdo.

Last, I think they said only 1 in 100 boxes would have this book but it wouldn't be much of a value (I paid $13 for my box) if it wasn't in it. The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight by Haylie Pomroy sounds interesting. I don't diet or buy diet books but I have always thought metabolism was a good place to focus energies when weight seems to be creeping up and energy is low.

Overall, I actually don't like the box. It didn't really help me discover much in the line of new products or brands but sometimes that's just how it works with Cravebox. It's not their fault I was already familiar with them. Now here's hoping that when I get my Cooking Light Selects Fastmeals Cravebox sometime next week I'll be really pleased with it.

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