This Week's RhiAlistic Top Ten [03/03-03/09]

I have had such a rotten week. My son had been sick, then the hubs and tot got it the same night, and now I have it. *grrr* So here I am with chills and a raw throat with no one to help out because I'm taking care of everyone.

The week wasn't a total loss though. I got a lot accomplished at the book blog and some stuff in real life to. Read on to find out some of it through this week's top ten.

10. Thrift Shops. I grew up pretty poor. I've been homeless. I've Dumpster dived for clothing and blankets. Have vivid recollections of gigantic blocks of 'government cheese' being one of the only things in the fridge and watching my mom cut mold off it so we could eat the unmoldy part. My childhood poverty has always held some stigma, some shame. But I also know it made me appreciate things more than many of my friends and family who just had things handed to them.

I know someone who calls thrift shops 'dirt stores' and I've heard some racist nicknames I really dislike. Yet, I love them! I love donating things I don't wear anymore or couldn't use or just plain don't want so that others who need them can use them. I also love shopping in them. Sometimes I don't find any treasure. Othertimes I make off like a bandit. Yesterday I made off with a solid wood telephone table for $4 and two Pyrex pie pans for $1.50 each. I had to talk myself out of a few pricier old Pyrex pieces and a $15 clay urn with cranes painted on the side. But now I don't have to be wasteful and use foil pie pans and I finally have a table for collecting purses and such as we come in the front door.

Who loves thrift shopping?

9. Wreck-It Ralph. My elder kid is as much a gamer as his parents so he enjoyed this one. Alas, the tot got bored about 10 minutes in. Hubs was too sick to watch. I thought it was highly misrepresented in the trailer but it's cute and one of those fun kid movies you can just watch when you need a dose of giggles. Plus, there was a $7 off coupon I got for it thanks to a mention from a coupon blogger that made my DVD/Bluray combo pack only $12.99 at Target. Can't beat that for a brand new movie.

8. Target's Clearance Rack. I am one of those people that will pay full price for something I really want, if I can afford it. But most of the time I can't. So every time I'm in Target I scour the clearance areas. Beauty and accessories are always first. I found L'Oreal Infallible Lipsticks for $2.54!!! They're regularly $8.99 or more. I also love buying cute wallets cheap in this section because mine always get destroyed. I also try to check toddler clothes for the next size up and the health section for steals on hair dye, store brand medicine, and deodorants.

7. Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Moroccan Argan Styling Oil. I used to buy a pricey Redken product similar to this. Then I got some of this on Vine and OMG it is awesome! My hair smells so good when I first put it in. But the best part is how soft and shiny it is for the drugstore price. Try it!

6. All You Magazine. I used to stare at it in the check-out line and think unfriendly thoughts about what kind of person must read it. Something about the name just bugs me. Still. But the longer I've been a coupon clipper and looked for great ways to save money while still enjoying the things I want to spend money on the more it has worn on me. So when the kids had a magazine fundraiser I bought it. And I really like it. I love that bloggers get featured. That it covers a lot of areas I want to read about AND that it has lots of coupons to clip and sometimes promo codes too.

5. Monster High's Scaris Themed Stuff. I've mentioned my adoration of MH before but having DVRd the new Scaris movie last weekend I think this one is one of my favorites. The movie is really silly in some ways but I was obsessed with being a fashion designer when I was at the target age and the new characters are so awesome! I found the much sought after Catrine DeMew at Walmart and was scared a lady was gonna rip it out of my hands. I also got the Cafe Cart which I'm having to resist unboxing.

4. A Taste of Trouble. I'm honestly not a big fan of contemporary romances. But I've been reading a lot more of them lately, because of whom they've been coming from. Gina Gordon is one of my new favorites and A Taste of Trouble is one of those fun, sexy stories that leaves you happy with the outcome. And there's frosting... I won't spoil anything but I was in serious need of some buttercream after reading it!

3. Easter. I know. It's weird. I actually rank Easter down there with President's Day and Memorial Day as far as feeling like making a big deal about them. But for some reason all the cute bunnies (ThinkGeek has a seriously awesome zombie one!!!) and chicks and egg stuff are making me feel like giving a shit this year. It's weird and I don't know what to make of it.

2. Spring Cleaning. Again, weird. I hate cleaning. HATE IT. But here I was with the edge of a fever and a throat that feels like I swallowed a hedgehog that was dipped in battery acid and Sriracha going through boxes of stuff trying to worm my way into having a clean office area. Dead spiders were vacated. Empty boxes of boxes got the boot. I'm even close to chucking my beloved Real Simple magazine collection.

There's something cathartic on an emotional level when I do a big clean-up. It makes me feel just a little less grumpy and a little more motivated in other things. Crazy huh?

Have any of you started spring cleaning even though it's still winter?

1. My new business!!! So it's in the early stages. I have never done this kind of thing before and I'm both scared and thrilled to try something new. Plus it's consulting for a company I've grown to love over the past two years. I want to write something big about it next week when my sales kit arrives so I won't bore you yet but I just had to share how happy I am to be going on a new adventure.

Have a great weekend and a week filled with things worthy of your own top ten!

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