Beauty Rhi-view: Shea Moisture Body Care

Last fall I won a Brand Challenge on Influenster. If you've been a follower of the blog a while you know how much I love doing word-of-mouth type marketing. It's a great chance to try new products, connect with and learn more about brands, and to do it without paying for it. They get promotion and reviews, I get to try something without investing my own money. A very win-win situation.
Every once in a while though I get a product that is so awesome I buy more from the brand (or in this case win some) and just have to write more.

While I liked the Shea Moisture Baby Soap we received as Influensters, it was geared toward kids so I 'tested' it on mine and didn't really use it for myself. When I finally received the collection of products above I was pretty excited. I had found that Target carries them but didn't want to buy any since I knew I'd be getting my prize eventually.

I am now a Shea Moisture convert! For the price and taking into account that these are eco-friendly products (the Shea Butter is organic) they're a budget friendly option that really works.

The Raw Shea Butter Soap has a nice gender-neutral fragrance that for some reason reminds me of my dad. It's one of those nice body bars that doesn't lather like crazy but gets the job done. Plus, it's not harsh and drying. With our dry climate and frigid winter weather it's been a blessing for the hubs.

The Facial Wash & Scrub is okay. I don't love it, because my skin breaks out easily but as a once in a while treatment when I'm very dry (I've used it only a couple of times now) it's soothing. If you have very oily skin or are prone to break-outs you might not care for it.

I'm not a big bar soap person so the Raw Shea Butter Wash is my new love. It smells AMAZING! Plus it leaves my skin feeling moist. It has anti-aging properties so I've been keeping an eye on my chest—an area where I'm suddenly noticing signs of aging and having break-outs—and so far I'm seeing a little improvement. Admittedly, I'm not using it in every shower because I'm trying to use up old products so hopefully once this is my full-time product I can report a dramatic result.

My favorite product of the lot though, is the Raw Shea Butter Lotion. It smells divine, is thick and luxurious feeling, rubs in without leaving a greasy residue, and keeps my skin moist from shower to shower. I've never had a lotion that could do that! Since I usually shower at night it has all night and day to disappear but my skin still feels good the next night. I would highly recommend this one if you live in a dry climate like I do.

The only product I haven't tried yet is the Facial Mask. With my skin sensitive and break-out prone I've just been holding off. I could use the moisture but not if it leaves me blemished for weeks afterward. If you've tried it leave a comment and let me know what you think of it!

I was going to link up to Amazon (as I usually do) but they only have resellers selling the products and for double Target's prices (from about $5-12) so be sure and head to your local Target store to pick these up. The past few times I've been they had a BOGO sale going on.
Love Bath & Body Works and other scented brands but trying to be more green? Shea Moisture has some lovely scents like Olive & Green Tea, Lavender & Orchid, Lemongrass & Ginger, and Coconut & Hibiscus.

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