This Week's RhiAlistic Top Ten [01/27-02/02] :: Geekness overload in 3, 2, 1...

I just love the top ten one of my favorite book bloggers does every Friday but it just doesn't suit my book blog. I thought I might give a similar concept a try over here. Let me know something that would make your top ten for this week in the comments!

(Note: this was intended for last week but I got to feeling so cruddy I didn't get it finished and posted... please enjoy this slightly mixed-weeks one!)

10. Guacamole! All week I've been noshing on my Wholly Guacamole from the RESOLUTIONS Cravebox. My favorite way is to spread it on a toasted piece of Wheat Montana whole wheat toast and then topped with a few thin slices of turkey lunchmeat. It's tasty and filling without being too bulky.

9. Finding uses for Coconut Oil. I finally cracked open the tub of coconut oil I got through Vine but was stumped as to how to cook with it. So I googled other uses for it and found lots of sites with lengthy lists of uses. One of the ones I liked best was brushing your teeth with it. I mixed a little bit of baking soda and coconut oil and brushed with it. It took the edge off the baking soda so it didn't hurt my gums and wasn't as salty. Cool huh?

8. The most magical bouquet EVER. My inner 5-year-old foamed at the mouth when I saw this Plush Unicorn Bouquet from ThinkGeek being shared left and right on Facebook. Just in time for Valentine's Day. ♥

7. Amazon Prime Instant Videos. Because when you're sick in bed and your head hurts too much to absorb the words you're reading... marathoning a cool show you've never geeked on until you realize you're geeking on it—Dr. Who is winning me over—is pretty awesome.

Image Credit: geeksofdoom
6. Cinemax's BANSHEE. Haven't checked this new show out? It's quirky and badass and completely out of left-field. I can't even think of what to compare it to. If you like the rawness of FX's late night dramas and have a dark sense of humor it's one to check out. The violence of Spartacus and the complicated character mix of Sons of Anarchy is a fair comparison.

5. Jewelmint's Lantern Tassel Pendant. I guess it really goes hand-in-hand with Banshee... it was worn by Job in the first episode and used quite amusingly for fans of both JM and the show as shown above... seriously that is one fierce accessory and the damned thing has been sold out since before I saw it. Fingers crossed they ever get it back in 'cause I need it in my life.

4. My Her Universe Princess Leia Hoodie. I don't wear white often. If you have kids and pets this requires no further elaboration. But when I first saw this hoodie ages ago I did some serious self-control evaluation. It's white and costs $60. 'Nuff said. Then the hubs was in Hot Topic a few weeks back and found it on the clearance rack for $23. Now I pretty much live in it and the tot thinks it's hilarious that I have 'ears' outside my hoodie.

3. Sutter Home Sweet Red. What can I say? I love a glass of wine that's like having dessert. This is one of my favorites for sitting and watching guilty pleasure shows like Pretty Little Liars and it's on the cheap side so I don't feel bad if I guzzle a whole bottle in a night.

2. Molly Harper. I loved the first couple of Jane Jameson books but I've not gotten back to them since having the youngest. This week I dove back into the world with an ARC of  A Witch's Handbook of Kisses and Curses which was just as hilarious and sexy as I'd hoped. If you like paranormal critters and goofy characters be sure and pre-order this one.

1. Emerald! I'm kind of color obsessed. I could never paint my walls a non-neutral shade because I get bored quickly. I love changing the colors of things. That said, green has been my favorite since I was 11. So imagine how much happy dance I did when Pantone's Color of the Year was announced? If $25 wasn't ridiculously expensive for a mug I'd buy this years.

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