Book Rhi-view: Daylight Moonlight by Matt Patterson

Daylight Moonlight by Matt Patterson
Picture Books, Animals, Habitat
Hardcover $16.99 (32 pages, SCHIFFER PUBLISHING)
Daylight Moonlight is a visually engaging book that provides a unique way for children to learn about the animals that populate different habitats by day and night. Patterson has painted 22 scenes total, in the forest, desert, underwater, seashore, wetlands, grasslands, mountains, public parks, and even your own backyard. This book is a fun way to get children excited about nature. (Ages 0-6)
Publisher Site: schifferbooks.com

Unexpectedly repetitive and dull... (2 stars)

My 3-year-old loves picture books and especially ones featuring animals. I thought DAYLIGHT MOONLIGHT would be an interesting one since it focuses on animals in their habitat during the day and night. I've never seen a picture book that really did that and thought it would be both educational and fun.

While the illustrations are okay, the overall scope of the book is extremely repetitive. Many if the animals are just 'clipped, resized, and pasted' from page to page. Additionally, there are no names on the pages themselves to indicate the animals, you have to flip to the key in the back to check the names of ones you're not sure on. This might interest a school aged child who has the patience (and reading skill level) to flip back and forth from the key I can't recommend it for a pre-schooler.

Overall, we didn't care for this one. It couldn't hold my 3-year-old's attention and just lacked any vitality that could bring us back more than once.

Notes: ARC received via NetGalley.

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