Book Rhi-view: Daylight Moonlight by Matt Patterson

Daylight Moonlight by Matt Patterson
Picture Books, Animals, Habitat
Hardcover $16.99 (32 pages, SCHIFFER PUBLISHING)
Daylight Moonlight is a visually engaging book that provides a unique way for children to learn about the animals that populate different habitats by day and night. Patterson has painted 22 scenes total, in the forest, desert, underwater, seashore, wetlands, grasslands, mountains, public parks, and even your own backyard. This book is a fun way to get children excited about nature. (Ages 0-6)
Publisher Site: schifferbooks.com

Unexpectedly repetitive and dull... (2 stars)

My 3-year-old loves picture books and especially ones featuring animals. I thought DAYLIGHT MOONLIGHT would be an interesting one since it focuses on animals in their habitat during the day and night. I've never seen a picture book that really did that and thought it would be both educational and fun.

While the illustrations are okay, the overall scope of the book is extremely repetitive. Many if the animals are just 'clipped, resized, and pasted' from page to page. Additionally, there are no names on the pages themselves to indicate the animals, you have to flip to the key in the back to check the names of ones you're not sure on. This might interest a school aged child who has the patience (and reading skill level) to flip back and forth from the key I can't recommend it for a pre-schooler.

Overall, we didn't care for this one. It couldn't hold my 3-year-old's attention and just lacked any vitality that could bring us back more than once.

Notes: ARC received via NetGalley.


This Week's RhiAlistic Top Ten [02/10-02/16]

This past week was crazy guys... I feel like my poor bloggy-woggy is being neglected. But here's the top 10 to let you see I am still here... just not here-here. :P

10. QuickThoughts App

Like taking surveys? Like iTunes giftcards? I made $30 in 3 days. Seriously. I've only had 2 not work due to the iPad not having flash capability but at $3 a pop most surveys are easily worth the 1-20 minutes average I've had. I had one $7 one offered that I didn't qualify for. Now if only they rewarded with Amazon giftcards...

9. Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) by Blue Foundation

Ever have a song madly ear worm you? This one has been bugging me for a couple of weeks now. I'm kind of addicted to remixes and heard it on Pandora... now it won't go away... and I'm not sure I want it to. lol

8. Beta Testing!

The new SimCity comes out in March and I can't wait! I just found out I'm in on the latest beta but don't have time to play at the moment. Have you ever been a beta tester?

7. Facebook Events

I'd never really seen how these work as a party literally happening right on Facebook until a couple of weeks ago. I joined in on 2 for different books related purposes this week and they were very fun! It's a neat way to get people together in a digital space to talk about stuff much the way a group works.

6. International Delight Iced Coffee Caramel Machiatto

There were $1 off coupons for these and having got one for free through Cravebox I'm kind of addicted. I don't often want sweet or cold coffee drinks but when I do... man this is good. At about $4 a half gallon it's WAY cheaper than hitting the nearest coffee house too.

5. Monster High: Ghouls Rule

It's no secret that my tot and I are MH nerds. I hate that they keep churning new dolls out so often because I can't afford to keep up any more. :( That said, I just love their movies and webisodes. The themes are great! I DVRd this one to watch with the tot and it is a new favorite!

4. The Walking Dead

It's baaaaaack. Need I say more? Okay... so when we watch the hubs and I have this thing... anytime Rick does anything or says anything we add on "—'cause I'm mother-fuckin' Rick Grimes!" to it. Try it... it's hilarious. ;)

3. H&R Block At Home 2012 Deluxe + State

My review on Amazon really says it all. We had our return in less than 10 days too. I feel like a rock star when I finish doing our taxes BY MYSELF.

2. Keeping Secrets in Seattle by Brooke Moss

Brooke is awesome and so is this book. I'm so excited to be bookending her release party and blog tour for this one. I literally was seeing it like a movie in my mind which is a very rare thing for me when I read. Usually I'm just not that visual with things.

1. BleepingComputer.com

There's a reason I couldn't get to this list for last week. It involves my computer and some seriously nasty malware issues. I'm usually good at figuring out how to get rid of the occasional bad thing but this was making me verge on tears. Then I found the forum on BleepingComputer and the amazing peeps who (for FREE) help folks get rid of the crud we don't want on our computers. It took 4 days of working on it but thank goodness for this site. If you ever have some weird stuff happening with your computer and your virus scanner isn't catching it give them a visit.


This Week's RhiAlistic Top Ten [01/27-02/02] :: Geekness overload in 3, 2, 1...

I just love the top ten one of my favorite book bloggers does every Friday but it just doesn't suit my book blog. I thought I might give a similar concept a try over here. Let me know something that would make your top ten for this week in the comments!

(Note: this was intended for last week but I got to feeling so cruddy I didn't get it finished and posted... please enjoy this slightly mixed-weeks one!)

10. Guacamole! All week I've been noshing on my Wholly Guacamole from the RESOLUTIONS Cravebox. My favorite way is to spread it on a toasted piece of Wheat Montana whole wheat toast and then topped with a few thin slices of turkey lunchmeat. It's tasty and filling without being too bulky.
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