Winter Favorites Cravebox GIVEAWAY!!! (US Only)

The folks at Cravebox were totally cool enough to provide me with 2 Winter Favorites Craveboxes to giveaway here at the blog.

Alas, rafflecopter has not only made some changes that I don't like... it now charges a  monthly fee for features I want to use but don't use the service often enough to justify the cost of. Which means I am considering other options with some hesitancy... for this one we're going with PunchTab because I entered some giveaways using it last week and it's kind of streamlined. I figured it was worth giving it a shot. Feel free to leave a comment about which giveaway widgets you like to use on your own blog/website.

Sooo... one box will be given away using the PunchTab option and since I want to encourage folks to stick around and talk to me this year...

I decided to give the other one to one random.org chosen blog follower who made a meaningful comment on the blog in 2012... congrats Crystal L. -thanks for following and commenting last year!

Be sure you're a RhiAlistic follower via GFC and leave a comment once in a while, I plan to do more giveaways this way in the future. ;)

Now go ahead and enter the giveaway! (US addresses ONLY!)


  1. Thanks for the winterbox giveaway. I love all things in winter soup, hot cocoa, etc.

  2. Can't wait to try the Mary Kay lip gloss!

    I just love winter in general!

  3. In the winter, I drink vanilla tea all day, every day!

  4. This winter I am loving all things warm and fuzzy. I have bought some new things from etsy, legwarmers, which I love to sleep in and wear under my pants,I tryed them over pants and I just can't make them look right :), also fingerless gloves(great when I am on the computer or reading a book).

  5. I would love to try the Mary Kay lip gloss, but i love BelVita biscuits!

  6. Hot Chocolate and Sweaters are my go to items for Winter... thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Mom nothing better then some warm soup on a cold winters day

  8. Yay! i won! thanks i sent you my address!


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