Unboxing: TEEN TIME Cravebox

I went back and forth on whether to enter the drawing for the TEEN TIME Cravebox because I really wasn't too sure what to expect. You see... I have a teenaged son, as regular readers of the blog probably know, and a teenaged step-daughter. With the box geared for teen girls I was pretty iffy. But I rationalized that if any of the contents were things she wouldn't use they'd probably be okay for myself or her brother.

Taking the entry quiz it sounded like it'd be gum, shaving products, and possibly skincare and sure enough it includes iD Gum, a razor from Schick, and Vitamin E oil from Fruit of the Earth. Also inside was a Mary Kay lipgloss (the same as the one from the Winter Favorites box but in another shade) and Pantene's new Silky Moisture Whip, a styling product.

As it happens my step-daughter is over this weekend so I was stoked when it showed but ultimately disappointed when I opened it. There's literally nothing in this box she will use. :( I'm glad I hadn't mentioned the box (the aforementioned concerns and our complicated relationship being reasons to hold off) beforehand so she wouldn't be disappointed.

Why is there nothing in here for her, when so clearly it's a fairly teen-friendly box? Read on...

Okay, so I will probably tuck the gum into her bag before she goes back to her mom's tomorrow. But my kids are banned from gum in our house until they are adults. Let's just say there's some damaged carpet in my family room from the last time they had it and they hid it under a chair instead of getting adult help. Other incidents have included gum in hair (MY hair!!!!!), gum on clothes, gum on furniture, and gum wads found by the tot on their game controllers. Ewww and hence, no gum in my house for non-adults.

The razor... my step-daughter is 14 and naturally nearly white blonde. I don't think she shaves often, if at all. I have serious envy there! Chances are since this is an Intuiton razor with the lovely shaving bar built-in it'd get gunky from sitting around in the shower between uses since she only visits every couple of weeks. I bet if she lived with us and shaved regularly it'd be a great product so I'm actually going to take this one for myself and give it a whirl, I'm kind of a nerd for the latest trendy razors so chances are it'll be my new favorite.

Being a middle-schooler my stepdaughter is in that phase of teendom that she's experimenting with style. Her current style is somewhere between punk and wannabe-Goth. Her mom let her get her hair dyed black and hot pink at the beginning of the school year and she mostly wears band tees and jeans. If she wears makeup it's lots of eyeshadow and mascara and occasionally black lipstick... so a pretty pink gloss is not likely to get used by my little would-be Gothling. (Her mom told her she should ask me for makeup and style tips since my style has always leaned between Goth and geek-chic but alas, I'm the evil stepmom so she's rankled at that idea). I'll definitely get some use out of a pink gloss myself though.

There must be something about pre-high school teenagers that makes them either really lazy or weirdly adverse to hygiene. I've actually been wanting to try Pantene's Silky Moisture Whip since I saw it used to create a hairstyle in a magazine last month. Since my step-daughter—and my boy too for that matter—doesn't put hair and care into the same sentence unless forced to use one of the dozen different bottles of shampoo I've bought in attempts to find one they will WANT to use... she just isn't likely to do anything with her hair this product would be good for. [Sorry, crazy run-on sentence there.] So maybe the next weekend we have her I'll tell her if she washes her darned hair I'll throw a little of this in it and we can curl it or something.

Hands-down the most stumping and unexpected product though is the Vitamin E oil. I don't know about you guys but as a teenager anything with the word 'oil' was not something I wanted to use on my face. I had acne and both my teenagers have been getting it worse than I did so this is one I'm more likely to use than either of them. I will definitely dab a little of this on the fine lines I've been noticing and probably rub some on the nasty scar the hubs is getting from the spot where his hawk footed his hand but this just doesn't strike me as a teen product.

Overall, seems like a cool group of products just not ones that really fit my particular teenaged girl. But isn't that the way it is with teenagers? They're all very different and trying to figure out who they want to be all while trying to fit in with their peers.

I don't think I'd have gone for this box again if I knew what was in it beforehand since I had really wanted it to give me something to bond with my step-daughter over but I'm digging the products themselves. I might have given this a different spin and maybe called it the Young Adult Sampler or something that leaned more toward older teens than my 14-year-old. Admittedly, my step-daughter has a behavioral disorder that makes her a bit behind her peers in emotional and social maturity but even so, I can't imagine all five products working for the middle school aged teens. Heck, I wasn't even allowed to wear make-up like lipgloss until I was 16. lol

Next up is the Resolutions box which I got in on and am hoping to be able to vlog about since my company will finally be gone and life should be a little more back-to-normal. Enjoy and Crave on!

P.S. -- If you'd love to get a Cravebox of your own... you can learn more about this unique subscription box on the website: www.cravebox.com

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