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Resolutions Cravebox Unboxing

It's unboxing time again! Plus, I actually opened it for the first time on camera. Those are my favorite videos to do but difficult to accomplish with a needy household constantly ragging on me for things. It's a lot easier to just grab the box from UPS, cut it open, and snap a few pics than to wait all day and then do a video once everyone's asleep. ;)

So please watch the video... and then see more about the products with my pictures.

What about my New Year's Resolutions?
As you can see none of the products inside fit my personal 'Resolutions', but if I were looking for nutritional supplements in addition to the ones I take already, or was looking to lose weight—which I actually am going to be doing as soon as I can get rid of some of this candy and junk food that was stockpiled over the holidays—it's a great box.

I had hoped to have this post up sooner this week but things kept getting in the way and so I've since tried a few of the products and really have been pleased so far.

My favorite product so far is Pantene's Silky Moisture Whip. With fine, straight hair I rarely blow-dry so as to avoid damage but it takes so long to dry! Most nights I cringe because it's very cold here in Montana from October through May and overnight air drying makes for uncomfortable sleep. I've actually recently put 2-and-2 together and realized that wet hair + cold basement bedroom has been adding up to some of the trouble I've had with sleep. Which means indirectly this is going to be the product really helping me with my More Sleep resolution. Last night, I put a little more than is shown in my palm (photo below) in my hair and then blow-dried until almost fully dry before bed.
My hair isn't static-y or dry this morning which is shocking! Plus the only time I woke up last night was when the dog started whining to get put out. I'm looking forward to seeing how well this protects when I go to town with the curling iron. My hair won't curl without the highest heat settings possible so frying it is an issue I fear.

Pantene Silky Moisture Whip also smells freaking amazing! I can't quite place it but every time I smell it my mind travels back to my toddlerhood memories of my auntie. After blow-drying though, there's no lingering smell which for me is essential since I like to wear perfume and body spray regularly and one of my fave places to apply it is the back of my neck. I will definitely be recommending this product to my friends and followers who use heated styling tools regularly.

Before the Resolutions Cravebox I had a pretty decent knowledge of another protein bar brand and a similar product that keeps their ingredient list small. I don't buy or eat either really anymore. I've been making an effort to consume less 'filler' foods and more 'whole foods' since early last year. But I'd be lying if I said I don't love having something like this in my purse. It never fails that I end up out somewhere and feel my blood sugar going haywire. Perfectly Simple by Zone Perfect are a new line of limited ingredient nutrition bars. Available in Toasted Coconut, Peanut Crunch, and Cranberry Almond their flavors are simple but then I don't personally want something more than that in a product like this.

The Toasted Coconut features: "8 ingredients.. 10 grams protein. 0 grams trans fat. Low Sodium. No preservatives. No added coloring. Gluten free." For those with food allergies/sensitivities all 3 flavors have soy and/or nuts and/or coconut and are "Manufactured in a facility that processes eggs, milk, peanuts, tree nuts and wheat."
I haven't actually tried mine yet but these range from 170 calories to 200 so they're a pretty hefty snack. I'd recommend them for a post-workout dose of muscle-building protein or a mid-morning snack to keep you feeling full until lunchtime.
When I was a little kid just the sight of guacamole was enough to send me into hiding. But, as often seems to happen, I developed a mad love for it as a teenager. As an adult I cry over the hefty price of avocados but made a point to serve them as one of my daughter's first foods. Let me tell you what... there is nothing creamier than some well processed ripe avocado. It was the tot's favorite for a long time. I highly recommend it to parents who want to make their own baby food for the healthy fats and ease of preparation. But I digress... I've only tried Wholly Guacamole once, early last year for a party I was hosting and it was pretty awesome! No one was eating it so I had lots of leftovers and it's great in place of mayo on a sandwich just like the card suggests (of course, you have to actually like guacamole for that to apply lol).
I'm so excited that payday has finally rolled around so I can get out to the grocery store for my regular shopping and grab this and maybe some chips to use my chip-clip on. Those of us who received the box get a free product but you can head over to Wholly's Facebook page and print a coupon for $1 off (they have one for Canadians too!).

Even if you don't care for guacamole they also make Salsa in varying heat levels AND they have a Pineapple Salsa and Red Pepper Mango Salsa for the adventurous eater. Now if only they made hummus I'd be totally set!

The most interesting inclusion of the Resolutions Cravebox is a CocoaVia sampler. I really geek on supplements to be honest. Obviously it's better for you to get all of your nutritional needs met directly from the food you eat but most of us just don't manage to do that. So we take multi-vitamins and supplements to make up for areas we're not getting what we need.

It's important to keep in mind that with supplements you have to know that with few exceptions they're just not FDA approved to do the things they claim to do. So you should always be really careful and read the labels, especially when herbs are involved and MOST OF ALL if you take prescription medication. Always check with your physician about potential drug interactions!!!

CocoaVia is intended as a supplement to support healthy circulation and blood flow. As someone who always has cold hands and feet it's something I am thrilled to try. The sampler included one of each flavor they offer including Dark Chocolate Sweetened, Dark Chocolate Unsweetened, Summer Citrus, and Cran-Raspberry. What I found really cool is that you can take the daily supplement in many ways!

- Stir dark chocolate flavors into coffee, milk, yogurt, oatmeal, or protein shakes

- Stir fruit flavors into water, yogurt, smoothies, or iced tea

We also got a code for 20% off a purchase from the CocoaVia website. The cool news is you guys can get 10% off of orders through the 31st of January using the coupon code 2013JAN10off that I found on the website. You can even use a handy subscription system so you never run out of your daily dose.

As if anyone would turn down a daily dose of 'chocolate' lol. I'll be sure and weigh in on what I think of these once I clear them for potential safety issues with my meds.

Next up is a coupon for a FREE Weight Watchers Smart Ones product up to a $4 value. I've honestly never tried a Smart Ones product before. I started buying frozen entrees geared toward healthy, portion-controlled meals for lunchtime about 8 years ago (when my son started school) but the packaging of these just always put me off. The food looks plastic-y (which for the photos it is I'm sure) and the red bugged me. I'm a weirdo so sue me! :P Do you like Smart Ones? Have any product suggestions for when I use this? You can get a $3 off purchase of 10 on their website right now.

As a huge Celestial Seasonings fan I was surprised to not already know of Metabo Balance™ Wellness Tea. Before I go any further, please refer to the CocoaVia section again... be really careful even with teas if you take prescription medication. For example... I can't drink teas featuring Valerian (for sleep) because it has a potential interaction with my anti-seizure meds that could cause an overdose and kill me. Seriously. Be careful!

Metabo Balance™ is intended to help sustain your energy (caffeinated green tea) and support your metabolism. I haven't tried it yet but it's supposed to have a tropical grapefruit flavor. Want to try other Wellness Teas? I recommend the Tummy Mint™ and Sleepytime Throat Tamer™.

I was a little bit surprised to see Mary Kay as a featured brand for the third box I've received in a row. While the other two were cosmetics (yay!) this one is focused on anti-aging/skincare. Timewise repair volu-firm™ eye renewal cream comes in at a shocking $40 value.

It's intended to: target deep lines, wrinkles and sagging skin, undereye bags, puffiness and dark circles, crepiness and dry skin while increasing skin moisture for 12 hours. I'm at the depressing age where it feels like overnight I went from dewy and youthful to wrinkled old lady so I'm definitely in need of an eye cream.

I love the uniquely shaped application head. It feels really good against my always puffy and dark rimmed eyes. While no product will ever fully fix the dark circles that those of us with Nordic heritage are destined to experience due to fair skin being the genetic norm this definitely is one to try if you're looking to increase moisture around the eyes. In the morning I had noticeably moister skin than usual.

Remember those controversial Dr. Pepper Ten commercials from a long while back? I admit, I thought they were hilarious even if they were misogynistic in nature. Maybe that makes me a bad person but I thought the point was to be tongue-in-cheek funny making fun of men for thinking they were too macho for 'diet soda'. Anyway, that was what actually flooded my mind when I saw the familiar style of can hidden in the shredded paper. Instead, it was new A&W Ten and 7•Up Ten. *phew* Glad it wasn't DP, yuck!

I actually don't drink soda regularly. It's just bad for you in general (high acidity and sugar, empty calories and asparatame in diet sodas). But even I like to indulge from time to time and sometimes that means putting what I consider to be bad stuff in my body. Even still, I don't drink diet soda. Asparatame tastes awful, makes my tummy hurt and my head feel weird, and just plain changes the flavor of soda. If I'm going to drink pop I want the real thing. I still am going to give these a try for research purposes though so I made up a 'diet' cocktail for next week's Wino Wednesday post featuring the 7•Up Ten that you'll have to drop by and check out. It wasn't too bad and I'm betting some of you out there who are missing alcohol thanks to your New Year's diet will find it a nice treat. Hopefully, the A&W won't ruin one of my favorite sodas for me. :P
Lastly, and these were in no special order anyway... we have SunRype Fruit Source and Just Fruit & Grains. I'd never heard of SunRype before and that's likely because it's a company based in Canada. Their products range feature fruits, veggies, and grains and in addition to the products shown here they have a kids' line called Squiggles. Pretty cool huh?

I grew up on fruit leathers from the health food store and have always been a fruit lover—if you grew up in the Pacific Northwest you'd find it impossible not to love it. Yet finding decent fruit, especially berries and stone fruits, out here in Montana is impossible in the winter. I imagine it's the same in Canada, too. Everything is imported and tastes awful so I often go for frozen or dried fruit when we're all craving some berries or peaches.

From the look of it these fruit bars are just the ticket to get some fruit into my kidlets and I know I'm going to savor the Just Fruit & Grains myself. It features oatmeal, barley, and rice plus sunflower and flax seeds along with the fruit and veggies making it a good source of fiber and Vitamin A.

Overall, just the eyecream alone slams the $15 cost of the box out of the water but I'd say the box has about a $50-$55 ARV. Not too bad. With 9 featured brands it was honestly very overwhelming and this post took me (not including the video work) almost 5 hours to write! There's just that much stuff packed into it. Plenty to discover and enjoy.

Be sure and drop by the Cravebox website and enter the drawings for the latest upcoming Craveboxes—Zatarain's Big Game and Back to School Snacks—and if you're new to Cravebox be sure and tell them rhiviews referred you! Just type my username into the box the red arrow (pictured left) is pointing out. I can't wait to try out the new referral system. :)

Best wishes on keeping your New Year's Resolutions whatever they may be and Crave on!


P.S. -- If you'd love to get a Cravebox of your own... you can learn more about this unique subscription box on the website: www.cravebox.com

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