Cravebox Instant Boxes Announced!

Hey everyone! I've been down with the flu and very busy with the book blog. My apologies for not being more here... having two blogs is always a bit like juggling baby geese. If you got that reference keep flying. :)

Anywho, my mind's been on Cravebox a lot this past week because they've had so much going on. Contests, twitter parties, and the latest box, Zatarain's Big Game, is due in my mailbox today. But then they had a big announcement today. They hang on to a few extras of every box so that they have one to send for those occasions when a box gets lost in the mail or damaged. But after a while they want to clear them out. Makes sense huh? So now they'll have instant boxes that you'll probably know the contents on and be able to just log in and buy immediately, no drawings or waiting. You can even order more than one of each. (There've been a few boxes I wouldn't have minded a double on).

I decided to splurge and buy the Me Time by Harlequin box since it's basically a rehash of the Resolutions box which I really enjoyed. I have a feeling that I won't want the book or might have already read it but we'll see. Maybe I can swap with a fellow blogger or do a giveaway. ;)
What do you think of the new instant box idea? Would you rather grab an instant box or enter the drawings? Have you had a Cravebox you'd love to get another of? What kind of themed box would you love to see come out?

Be sure and drop by the Cravebox website and enter the drawings for the latest upcoming Craveboxes—Cooking Light Selects—and if you're new to Cravebox be sure and tell them rhiviews referred you! Just type my username into the box the red arrow (pictured left) is pointing out. I can't wait to try out the new referral system. :)

Leave a comment telling me what you think of the new instant box idea and Crave on!


P.S. -- If you'd love to get a Cravebox of your own... you can learn more about this unique subscription box on the website: www.cravebox.com


Wino Wednesday: Keeping it on the light side...

One of the toughest things to do to cut calories when I decide to make the effort is cutting out booze. While I'm no lush, my once or twice a week indulgence can add up fast calorically speaking. Did you know that Guinness is actually one of the better beers for dieters? Look it up, I was surprised too.
This week I decided to use my 7•Up TEN from the Resolutions Cravebox to come up with a simple and enjoyable drink that would be under 150 calories. I honestly didn't have alot to work with that was lemon-lime soda friendly but it came out great!


Recipe: MANCOOKIES | Perfect for Super Bowl Parties!

Remember back in November when I wrote a review about the fun cookie book COOKIES FOR GROWN-UPS? Well, I'd had it as a digital ARC ages before it came out and this was the first cookie I knew I had to make. I loved it soooo much and have had so many people who thought it would be disgusting love it that I contacted the publisher to see if I could re-print the recipe.
Thanks Daniel at Red Rock Press for the permission! 
I honestly meant to have shared it around the December 1st release date—so you could use it through the season, natch!—but things got crazy and I actually forgot to do it. But earlier this week I was cleaning out old photo files and saw the pics of them and did a big old facepalm. Better late than never and this is actually the PERFECT time to try them... make them for Super Bowl Sunday! Trust me, they will be a surprising hit.


Unboxing: RESOLUTIONS Cravebox | Video & Pics!

Resolutions Cravebox Unboxing

It's unboxing time again! Plus, I actually opened it for the first time on camera. Those are my favorite videos to do but difficult to accomplish with a needy household constantly ragging on me for things. It's a lot easier to just grab the box from UPS, cut it open, and snap a few pics than to wait all day and then do a video once everyone's asleep. ;)

So please watch the video... and then see more about the products with my pictures.


Winter Favorites Cravebox GIVEAWAY!!! (US Only)

The folks at Cravebox were totally cool enough to provide me with 2 Winter Favorites Craveboxes to giveaway here at the blog.

Alas, rafflecopter has not only made some changes that I don't like... it now charges a  monthly fee for features I want to use but don't use the service often enough to justify the cost of. Which means I am considering other options with some hesitancy... for this one we're going with PunchTab because I entered some giveaways using it last week and it's kind of streamlined. I figured it was worth giving it a shot. Feel free to leave a comment about which giveaway widgets you like to use on your own blog/website.

Sooo... one box will be given away using the PunchTab option and since I want to encourage folks to stick around and talk to me this year...

I decided to give the other one to one random.org chosen blog follower who made a meaningful comment on the blog in 2012... congrats Crystal L. -thanks for following and commenting last year!

Be sure you're a RhiAlistic follower via GFC and leave a comment once in a while, I plan to do more giveaways this way in the future. ;)

Now go ahead and enter the giveaway! (US addresses ONLY!)


Unboxing: TEEN TIME Cravebox

I went back and forth on whether to enter the drawing for the TEEN TIME Cravebox because I really wasn't too sure what to expect. You see... I have a teenaged son, as regular readers of the blog probably know, and a teenaged step-daughter. With the box geared for teen girls I was pretty iffy. But I rationalized that if any of the contents were things she wouldn't use they'd probably be okay for myself or her brother.

Taking the entry quiz it sounded like it'd be gum, shaving products, and possibly skincare and sure enough it includes iD Gum, a razor from Schick, and Vitamin E oil from Fruit of the Earth. Also inside was a Mary Kay lipgloss (the same as the one from the Winter Favorites box but in another shade) and Pantene's new Silky Moisture Whip, a styling product.

As it happens my step-daughter is over this weekend so I was stoked when it showed but ultimately disappointed when I opened it. There's literally nothing in this box she will use. :( I'm glad I hadn't mentioned the box (the aforementioned concerns and our complicated relationship being reasons to hold off) beforehand so she wouldn't be disappointed.

Why is there nothing in here for her, when so clearly it's a fairly teen-friendly box? Read on...

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