Wino Wednesday: Guinness Generous Ale

My history with alcohol is a long and not always pleasant one. When you grow up as the child of a pretty functional alcoholic you develop some twisted attitudes about certain things, drinking being the obvious one. As the holidays approach I'm reminded of the few holidays I remember my dad being a part of them and why I chose to allow myself to enjoy my beer, wine, and spirits in spite of the family history. So before I plunge in to today's Wino Wednesday post let me remind you all... please drink responsibly!

At the beginning of the month as I grocery shopped I passed by the beer in hopes of finding some more of the hard cider I've been mildly obsessed with. Alas, it was all out but I found the most beautiful thing instead...

I think I may have actually done a *squee* in the aisle. The Guinness Winter Selection features 3 bottles each of Guinness Draught, Guinness Black Lager, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, and Guinness Generous Ale. Since Guinness is pretty much my favorite beer it was all I could do to hold back and only buy the one box since they had two. I was picturing the second one sitting under the Christmas tree with a big red bow and my name on it... ;)

Since I've already enjoyed the classic Draught and the new Black Lager—which has good Guinness taste but lacks the thicker body I like about the Draught—I decided to sit down and sample my taste of the new Generous Ale first.

I was surprised at the lack of head when I poured it the first time but my second bottle actually gave me a nice fluffy little one (I'm not beer geek so I assume this has something to do with the differences between ales, stouts, and such). The flavor lacked the chocolately tones I've always attributed to Guinness and have used as a 'selling' tool to convince other ladies who don't care for beer to try it. Instead a certain brightness that's not quite fruity or spicy but very warm and homey. It really does unfold like a Christmas party on your tastebuds. lol

Drink me! Love me! Give me!
The hubs, alas, hated it. Which on the one hand I wanted to chide him for—and I did tell him that I hadn't liked my first sip so he should try a little more—and on the other thought: 'Yay! More for me!'. If you're a hardcore Guinness fan it's worth noting that it's definitely NOT the Draught. Don't expect a dark, stewy flavor. While I definitely wouldn't want to sip Generous Ale in the summertime it has the warm flavors I associate with a great winter variety.

If you're in the mood for something special to bring to a friend's holiday bash or to sip while watching all the season finales (I downed mine to the crazy SOA finale) I highly recommend giving the Generous Ale from the Guinness Winter Selection a try. Beer not your thing? The Winter Selection box makes a nice gift for your favorite Guinness lover of legal drinking age... *ahem*... honey, are you reading this?

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