Beauty Rhi-view: COVERGIRL flipstick (3 Stars)

I love any makeup product that lets me play around and customize my look so COVERGIRL flipstick was something I wanted to check out before the BzzCampaign came around.

Vixen, Stunner, and Minx were great colors to send out since each falls into a different shade family (pink, red, and brown, respectively). I was really iffy on whether any of them would work with my fair skintone, especially Stunner. Once I saw that Stunner looked great on both Sofia Vergara and Taylor Swift's complexions I went bold and found that it was a great shade that could be toned down with the gold-ish side. Minx didn't work as well but wasn't as bad as I had anticipated, I would definitely not wear it for anything other than a very bold-makeup appropriate situation but it might look great on someone with darker skintones. Ultimately, Vixen was the most flattering of the trio for my fair skin.

vixen deep shade all over +
shimmer on bottom middle
Though pretty long lasting two major factors played in COVERGIRL flipstick only earning a 3 star rating from me. #1 being that all of the colors were shimmer based which I actually avoid like the plague in everyday lipstick. I prefer a creme lipstick and usually put a little bit of shimmery lipgloss in the center of my bottom lip (a pro trick used to make lips look fuller). #2 being that the formula is SOOOO dry! My lips looked like plastic within an hour because the flipstick dried out super fast. Even after layering some clear balm to lock in moisture over it COVERGIRL flipstick was an unattractive dry mess by midday. I do live in a VERY dry climate though, so if you're in a humid area you may not have the same problem.

Overall, COVERGIRL flipstick has turned out to be something I personally wouldn't buy. It's just not for me. Shimmer overload, dryness, and a lack of creme-shade options make it a product that doesn't meet my needs as a makeup lover. If you have medium skin, like shimmer, and dryness isn't an issue I would definitely recommend giving it a try though. It's a fun product with pretty colors to play with and lots of potential for creative liplooks. If COVERGIRL adds in some creme based shades on one side of the flipsticks I will definitely reconsider adding them to my makeup stash.

Notes: I received this product for free through BzzAgent in exchange for creating Bzz about it through social media, review, and real life conversational outlets.
What's the Bzz?
BzzAgent is a word-of-mouth social marketing company. Basically, I get invited to campaigns for products I fit a demographic for and get supplied with products to try for which I give my honest opinion and spread the word about. Want to know more about how it works and find out how you can be a BzzAgent like me? Check out the BzzAgent FAQ.

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