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Dear readers,
I hope you'll take the time to watch the 'unboxing' video I put together. I won't even go into how difficult it was getting it up on YouTube. *faints*

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Thanksgiving is that meal I look forward to all year. Growing up in a divorced family with step-parents I often wasn't sure where I'd be each year. But if there's one thing I've learned about the holiday, it's that even if you're eating salmon burgers and green gelatin salad or you're halfway around the world eating it alone, it's all about being thankful for all that you DO have.
There's something inherently frightening about taking on the responsibility of preparing holiday dinners. I love to cook but only when I'm confident in my ability to prepare whatever I'm serving to perfection. It doesn't help that I married a really picky eater and inherited his lovely—but even more picky than he is—parents. :P
This year my MIL told me I was doing Christmas. Silly as it might sound that's the reason I wanted the Knorr® Ultimate Thanksgiving Cravebox™ so bad, because I need some serious inspiration. You see, I've done Thanksgiving before... but the only time I've done Christmas was when we lived in Germany and my friend helped me plan the menu and cook. Serving my picky in-laws always scares me (don't anybody tell them so!) and by nature I'm adventurous with food... as I'm sure you've noticed if you're a regular follower of RhiAlistic.
The Knorr® Ultimate Thanksgiving Cravebox™ was my first box since Cravebox's subscription system change. I comment on it a lot in the video so I won't go into it here. I love the beautiful new box but it's far from as sturdy as the old white ones. My box was discolored and bashed in on one side. :(

Aside from the beat-up box and the handful of flubs it's a great box, my favorite so far to be honest. Sure, not everything was quite Thanksgiving oriented but overall, everything in it is going to get used! It might be the first box where everything in it was a great fit for the family and I.

Pardon the tot's hiney-cameo... she wanted to be 'in the pitch-ur' but y'all know my policy on keeping my kids privacy so this was our compromise. lol

Technically, there are 7 items in this box. That's a LOT compared to the usual 4-5. When I did the math to calculate the retail value versus the $14 charged for it, the box has about a $67 value. Awesome eh?

The brands and products featured inside are:

There's a lot to love in this box. Recipes, coupons, a way to get started on those Christmas cards, time savers, and something fun to do with the kids. In the video I mention some of my thoughts on each product and what it's great for. 
I'm not alone in claiming the Dark Chocolate Pomegranates from Brookside as a favorite product from the box. They're delicious! I was thinking stirring some into brownie batter before baking would be a really delicious and unexpected way to use them. I'm still trying to pick my product from FoldedWords, there're just so many great things to choose from! I wish they had a customizable calendar for 2013, I want to do one for my grandmother who lives far away as our gift this year. I might even pass the gravy packets off to my MIL because she's had her fair share of gravy disasters too. The question is how to offer them without causing offense... *much chin scratching*
Overall, this is a terrific box and I was surprised to see so many complaints cropping up from other Cravers on Facebook about it. I'll be using everything in the box in one form or another. Maybe not all for this week's holiday, but definitely over the coarse of the month to come. I've already got plans for some of it that will get shared here on RhiAlistic and the blog Facebook page so be on the look out for some seasonal inspiration!
P.S. -- If you'd love to get a Cravebox of your own... you can learn more about this unique subscription box on the website: www.cravebox.com

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