CYBER MONDAY: Jewelmint Grandest Mystery Box

HURRY! Y'all know how much I loooove Jewelmint but I've been really broke and waiting for a great deal. Today was my lucky day and it can be yours too.
The details are in the above image and if you use my buy link for a first time purchase I will get points... which is awesome because I used all of my points to buy one of the mystery boxes for myself. Which means the hubs can give me what I want for Christmas but it's still going to be a surprise for me. Here's hoping I get one of the boxes with more than 4 pieces but even if I only get 4 that's like buying 1 and getting 3 for free! Unbeatable value!
Wondering what to expect from your mystery box? Check out my posts here or view the items I have for trade from previous mystery bags for ideas of what a mix you can get.
After the holidays I'll be sure and post an unboxing to share what I received. ;)
Enjoy your cyber steals!

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