The Hello Kitty Birthday 'Cake': Tips & Ideas

Last week, the little one—whom my pregnancy with originally spawned this blog—turned 3. When I asked her what kind of cake she wanted her answer was Cinderella and Hello Kitty.

I'm lazy. I love store bought cakes because I'm lazy. And not very artistically talented, unfortunately. lol

So in his snarky way that tends to royally piss me off the hubs said I should do like on all the TV shows and make a Rice Krispie treat and mold it to the shape of a Hello Kitty head. We had very different ideas of what that exactly meant and thank goodness I bought enough Rice Krispies and Marshmallows to make about 8 batches because I ended up needing 3 batches. *facepalm*

Anyway, all that to say that while not flawless, it turned out pretty cute and was actually a big hit.

I had really wanted to take step by step pictures and provide instructions but if you've ever made Rice Krispie treats you know how messy it is. My hands were warty with stray RKs, greasy with butter, stained from the icing, and I had to soak the marshmallow out from under my nails. lol

You could easily do this with any shape that's not super intricate. It might also be a good alternative for gluten-free peeps (I could swear I saw Kellogg's now has gluten-free labeled RKs). If you're a gluten-free family let me know in the comments what you think of making this a gluten-free birthday treat alternative to cake, I'd love to hear your thoughts even though I don't personally have any friends or family it would be a suggestion for.

If you want to try your own Hello Kitty treat 'cake' I suggest starting by pressing the mixture into a round bowl to form your base and then adding it by handfuls to the sides carefully forming the shapes you need. I actually printed this template in full page size so I could reference it to get the general layout/sizes right. My eyes and nose are too big but otherwise I thought it was pretty good.

The bow is actually two pieces. I started with two I worked together to form the base and then added the center on top. To decorate I was lazy and bought Cakemate Easy Squeeze Icing, I used one that's called Red Sparkle (fo the bow)... it has a fine glittery sheen that really doesn't show in the photos. Then did the outlines in Betty Crocker Easy Flow Icing in Black. It's a decent black but has a distinct purple tinge.
Overall, it took me about 5 hours to get it all done, mostly because I was stumped as to what I was doing and winging it. Then needed way more than I anticipated so I had to clean my pans and start again... twice. But in the end it was well worth the work, my daughter liked it and our family thought it was cute. Plus it got eaten way faster than a drying-out cake does. The cost was ultimately about the same since I bought the icings instead of making my own but if you have the bags and tips and the know-how this could be super cheap!

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