Mommy Solution Rhi-flection: The Original™ Dish Drying Mat

I'd be lying if I said I enjoyed cleaning. At all. And my least favorite chore of all is doing dishes. But I'm a stay-at-home mom and no one else in the household is jumping up and down asking if they can pretty please help me with the dishes. Which means I'm ever in the market for things that make doing that dastardly deed easier.
I don't run my dishwasher unless it's full because that's the most ecofriendly way to do things. Which means that between loads I often need an item that can't wait. I also have several serving pieces and vintage items that I prefer to hand wash due to their size or delicacy. That's where The Original Dish Drying Mat comes in so handy.

It's 16"x18" (also available in 18"x24" XL size) so it doesn't take up too much room on my counter, which is a must. Our home has very little counter space—and has to have been designed by a man, 'cause no woman would be foolish enough to make that mistake—so everything needs to fit nicely on my counter. I do wish that there were a version that was a bit longer and rectangular, to fit alongside my sink from end to end but it's not bad either.
The one I received through Influenster was in the cream shade but it also comes in a sage green, steel grey, and red so chances are you'll find one that looks nice with your kitchen colors too.

The mat is made with 'a thin layer of foam between two layers of high quality, super absorbent microfiber' making it both able to cushion delicate items like my French press and able to hold 4 times its weight in water. It can also be used under a dishrack or appliances to prevent scratches and scuffing.

It's well suited to awkward sized and delicate items that can't go in the dishwasher like my non-stick pancake pan and fruit bowl. I do find that items like the fruit bowl fog up and don't dry well unless a gap is left underneath the rim using a spoon. For best results just hand dry items like that after they've had a few minutes to drip the excess onto the mat.

When you use a towel or dishrack to hold your hand-washed dishes do you ever find that you wind up with bad soak through? When I've used towels under my dishrack I find they get musty and stinky from excess moisture if I don't change them everyday. That's a lot of laundry (which negates the ecofriendliness of hand-washing)! With the Original Dish Drying Mat I was surprised to find that though there was moisture around the mat from my splashes, none of the water from the dishes soaked through to the countertop.

When you're finished, just hang the Original Dish Drying Mat by the attached loop to dry. It's a big enough loop it fit nicely here on the cupboard knob next to my sink. Once it's dry it folds in three and stores nicely in a towel drawer or in my favored location, under the sink. It should be washed frequently though. It's machine washable and you can find the specific instructions to do so on the website. The one thing that seems to be an overall no-no for the mat is heat. Low drying heat, do not iron, not to be used as a hot pad or oven mitt... yep, best to avoid high temps.
Now that I've become a fan of the Original Dish Drying Mat—which can be found at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for only $4.99 making it quite the bargain—I'm looking forward to trying more great items from The Original. The Original makes some other really cool cleaning, dish, and laundry solutions from their Wrinkle Release Dryer Towel to their Dish Drying Gloves. I'm thinking awesome stocking stuffers and hostess gifts during the upcoming holiday season!

Note: I received this product through Influenster's Voxbox program which provides members with free products in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions shared here are my own and not influenced by the freeness of the product. If you'd like to know more about how Influenster works please visit their website.

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