Influenster Naturals Voxbox Unboxing!

Yay! It's that time again... a new Voxbox to share with you. :)
I've actually had it for over a week now, but it arrived when we were in the midst of having family visiting so posting about it just wasn't something I had the free time for. As a fan of products that are primarily nature derived I was really excited to qualify for the Naturals Voxbox.
I wasn't quite sure what to expect from a box labeled 'Naturals' but it turned out to be an eclectic assortment. A dish drying mat, alternative sweetener, energy drink mix, lipbalm, a sanitizing wipe, and deodorant. Plus, I received a bar of soap as my bonus item.

So far I've been slow getting my products tried because the Brand Challenges aren't up yet and I didn't want to use any of them up before we can work on those. But... this was easy to try out right away. With company there're always more dishes than my dishwasher can handle and some days very few. I was surprised at how nicely this worked. It was a little big for my dish washing area (OMG these houses were built in the 70's and by someone who didn't know how to design a darned kitchen!!!) but I really liked it, plus it folds up nice to tuck under the sink for later.

I was super stoked to try a natural deodorant, because I have yet to find one I like and most are pretty expensive. So far geodeo hasn't been a win for me, but it should be noted I am a sweaty gal so a lot of just deodorant products can't control my odor effectively enough for my satisfaction.
If you've been following my blog for a while you'll remember that I received Eboost in a subscription box earlier this year and that it made me horrifyingly ill. It's how I discovered that stevia (in spite of many claims it can't make your sick) does not agree with my tummy. Therefore I will not be actually drinking this. I think I will wait and see what the Brand Challenge is like before tossing it... maybe my kid will like it for one of his gamedays as an alternative to other energy drinks.

Now somehow I've managed to never have heard of Lypsyl. While I am a mega lip product junkie I have to admit I'm mad about this one. The second ingredient is Petrolatum which is NOT something I would expect to see as the main ingredient in a 'Natural' lip product. Even still, I've been using it every evening after brushing my teeth before bed because toothpaste irritates my lips and skin really bad. It's not an awful product by any means, just not as natural as it claims to be. The little bee slider on the side (the top photo shows it as on the top there) is kinda cute and makes me smile. lol

Now, Clean Well is a brand I have heard of somewhere... just not tried. I'm a big fan of another brand's ecofriendly sanitizing wipes so I look forward to comparing these to the other brand.
Nectresse is totally new to me. Somehow I managed to have not heard of it yet and after finding stevia so unpleasant I'm nervous about giving it a go. That said I will probably do the same test I did with Truvia... an in coffee taste test and another with fresh fruit or something similar... maybe on cereal? Alternative sweeteners are just one of those things I'm really hesitant about.
Lastly, my bonus product is Baby Eczema Bar Soap from Shea Moisture. With company here I didn't want to use it yet and since I make a point not to publicly post photos of my toddler I don't plan on sharing it with her in photos. Strangely enough we finally took my 12-year-old to see the doctor about a mystery rash around his nose last week that has come and gone for 3 months... doc says it's eczema! So I'm going to have him try the soap on the rashy area once I figure out what the Brand Challenges are since he's older now and has his own online presence. lol
Anywho, we're in our new attempt at potty training week and I'm very behind for other bloggy business thanks to our 'vacation'. Hopefully I can get the other unboxing posts I have for you done over the next few days. ;) Let me know which Voxbox goody you wish you could try!

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