Influenster Naturals Voxbox Unboxing!

Yay! It's that time again... a new Voxbox to share with you. :)
I've actually had it for over a week now, but it arrived when we were in the midst of having family visiting so posting about it just wasn't something I had the free time for. As a fan of products that are primarily nature derived I was really excited to qualify for the Naturals Voxbox.
I wasn't quite sure what to expect from a box labeled 'Naturals' but it turned out to be an eclectic assortment. A dish drying mat, alternative sweetener, energy drink mix, lipbalm, a sanitizing wipe, and deodorant. Plus, I received a bar of soap as my bonus item.

So far I've been slow getting my products tried because the Brand Challenges aren't up yet and I didn't want to use any of them up before we can work on those. But... this was easy to try out right away. With company there're always more dishes than my dishwasher can handle and some days very few. I was surprised at how nicely this worked. It was a little big for my dish washing area (OMG these houses were built in the 70's and by someone who didn't know how to design a darned kitchen!!!) but I really liked it, plus it folds up nice to tuck under the sink for later.

I was super stoked to try a natural deodorant, because I have yet to find one I like and most are pretty expensive. So far geodeo hasn't been a win for me, but it should be noted I am a sweaty gal so a lot of just deodorant products can't control my odor effectively enough for my satisfaction.


Beauty Rhi-flection: Intimint Me-Time Mystery Box Unboxing!

I thought it was never going to arrive and then when it finally did I was so busy I only had time to snap pics and go back to business. That said, it has been well worth my splurge!

I was pretty surprised at the contents. I expected blue because the color choice on the page for the Intimint Me-Time Mystery Box was Sky Blue. What was inside was—and I seriously thought I might have been cheated since the box was so tiny and the contents were smashed into the one end as seen in the above pic—all black!

First up, the Classic Tank. It's exactly what it's called, the perfect classic tank top. Prices at 1 credit ($19.99) I honestly had previously thought it was overpriced for what it is. But this is a luxurious rayon/spandex blend that fits so well and is crazy comfortable for not being cotton. I even wore it out under a loose knit sweater yesterday. Versatile, comfortable, and one I hope Intimint will carry in different shade choices for a while.
Next, the Lace Trim Babydoll Panty Set. This was where the bummer factor came in and I do, in all honesty, feel like Intimint cheated a little. The box was guaranteed to have 2 Panties and 2 Sleep Styles. Then they counted the panty that is included in this set as one of the two panties. :(
While it is a cute panty I do feel like it shouldn't have counted as one of the guaranteed ones since it would have normally been sold as a set with the babydoll. That said, the hubs came in right after I finished photographing these, checked out my new intimints, then commented how super soft the set is. They most definitely are! I would really recommend the set for someone on the short side, I think you'll like the side slits on the babydoll. I have a long torso and think the slits hit me higher than I'd like to walk around the house in but otherwise it's a cute and comfy set.
Lastly, the Bella V-String. The most barely-there panty Intimint has so far and the one item I would never have bought for myself. lol It's very sexy, just not on me. I might have the long torso but I have a very short 'rise' so this sits really funny on me. It's definitely one for all you ladies who love bikini waxes! ;)
If you picked up the Bella Bandeau or Bralette this will definitely make a sexy set for a honeymoon or anniversary on a seriously affordable note.
So overall it would have cost $19.99 for the Tank, $59.97 for the Babydoll & panty set, and the v-string would be $9.99 (technically, since panties are 2 for $19.99) which does add up to the promised $89.95 value. Basically, for paying $39.98 it was like getting the tank and both pairs of panties for free. It was a good value and I'll definitely buy another Mystery Box from Intimint again. I loved the surprise factor and though I'm meh on the babydoll and don't plan to wear the V-string often it was nice to try items I would not have picked for myself.
You really can't go wrong with Intimint if you want unique styles, luxurious fabrics, and you're trying to buy more made in the USA products. What's that last one? Yep, while many of their things are imported I've been thrilled to see many are made in the USA. Thanks for supporting our nation's industry Intimint! ♥


Foodie Rhi-flection: 'I saw it on the internet' Baking Part I

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am a bad-for-you food junkie. I spend a lot of days fantasizing about the end of the day when all 3 meals are over and I can get a fix of something naughty. Cookies and popcorn rank high on my list of favorite snacks even though I actually like a lot of healthy stuff like hummus with sugar snap peas or fresh berries by the handful too.

Recently, I've been seeing chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Oreo cookies everywhere, from theBERRY to Pinterest. Being a cookie lover you'd think either would be my favorite but they're actually only okay. Even though they weren't my favorites I have been really wanting to try making the darned things just to see if I could.

Since I had coupons for both premade cookie dough and Oreos I made sure I grabbed both in the grocery store earlier this week and figured I'd make them sometime next week. Alas, the hubs and I were working out butts off in the garage (if you've been here long enough you'll remember I had a goal about it from New Years) and were pooped and the kids had gone to spend the night with the in-laws and I was really snackish. There's nothing like making a treat you know the kids would love when they're not there to whine about not getting more than one. But let me tell you they were freaking huge and filling. One was way more than even I could handle.

The great thing is that they were insanely easy to make and would be so awesome if you bought the Halloween orange cream Oreos and the holiday Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough with the orange chips (at least I think it was them I got last year... maybe it was another brand?). I'm thinking of making a big batch to send to the hubs' work for Halloween 'cause they always love my treats.

I used Double Stuff Oreos & the big 'log' of refridgerator cookie dough from Pillsbury

(Pardon my messy kitchen, I was cleaning out cupboards yesterday evening and need to find a better place for a few things so the counter is cluttered. lol)
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