Fashion Steal: IntiMINT's Me-Time Mystery Box [Only $39.98 for $89.95 value or more!]

There are few things in life I need more than surprises. It's weird, I know, but frequent (good) surprises keep me from boredom. Which is probably why I've been a big fan of Jewelmint's Mystery Bags. I agonize over what I'll get and have been so happy when some pieces I would never have considered turned out to be favorites thanks to the 'grab bag' style of them. Sure, there've been a few duds. I got one order of two Mystery Bags that I didn't like anything from. But I'll still buy Mystery Bags in hopes of a great surprise which is why I went crazy trying to sort out my finances just enough I could swing IntiMINT's first mystery package!

Now if you haven't joined IntiMINT yet please do. It's free to take the style profile and get your showroom and until you make your first purchase you won't be charged the monthly fee for a credit.

Don't know what all that means? You can visit the site via this link to learn more and join. If you use that link (and make your first purchase) I'll get rewards points I can use to buy stuff. It's win/win for both of us. ;)

If you're interested in getting started or you're already a fan the Me-Time Mystery Bag is a great deal.

Because your me-time should be enjoyed in style.
  • Guaranteed 2 panties & 2 sleep styles
  • Guaranteed value of $89.95 with up to a $129 value

Since Panties are 2 for $19.99 and Sleep pieces range from $19.99 to $99.95 you could get almost anything!

I think since the guaranteed value of $89.95 is equal to 4 and a half credits everyone will get 3 panties and 2 Sleep Styles.

Classic Tank in Sky
Based on the need to choose a color (but only having the one available) I'm guessing one that maybe of the 2 Sleep pieces is going to be the Classic Tank in Sky or the Lace Trim Shorts in Sky/Seafoam. I'm not a big blue wearer—why couldn't the choice have been Black!?!—but I decided to get the Me-Time Mystery Bag because I have loved my IntiMINT pieces I bought thus far but have been too broke to buy my favorites.

Wish me luck on getting at least one of the four Sleep items I've been oggling. I'm also guessing that the Lace Trim Romper will be included in many of them since it's a 2 credit item (it's the only one I'm hoping not to get since I already have something almost identical).

Lace Trim Romper
One thing I was surprised not to see as a choice was thong or not-thong as a choice. lol I rarely go for thongs myself (and would prefer not to get them) but I like all but one of the ones IntiMINT has put out so far enough I crossed my fingers and took the plunge.

So here's hoping my Me-Time Mystery Box purchase wasn't in vain! I shall be sure and post a reveal post when I get it. :) If you get one, please drop by and let me know what you get in yours too.

P.S. -- If you're not a member and you sign up the Me-Time Mystery Bag really is a good first purchase. I have been very impressed with my purchases so far. I practically live in my Racerback Maxi and Malibu Cardi and love that not only is everything very stylish and luxurious feeling, it's all unbelievably comfy. I wish I had more $$$ to spend every month so I could indulge... then I might never want to get dressed and leave the house. ;D

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