The Friday Five: Bloggers & Subscription Boxes

Happy Friday dear readers! There's just something magical about a Friday isn't there?

Earlier this week I was inspired to write this Friday Five. I receive only 2 subscription boxes myself, though I would love it if I had the budget for more. But as I pondered my frustration with one of them and I considered canceling it, I reminded myself why I signed up for it in the first place. Because I am a blogger. There is method to this madness! Method that I wanted to share with you guys.

Today's Friday Five is the 5 reasons bloggers should subscribe to at least one subscription box.

1. Instant Content

It's simple. You get a box of mystery goodies and you share them. Whether it's just an unboxing video or reviews of the products once you've tried them, you get fresh content to share with your audience every month. The downside is that you won't be the only one doing it so your content may not be overly unique. That said, I find that it's often just good filler for weeks when I really don't have anything special to write about. We all need that sometimes!

2. Staying Ahead

While it's not true with every subscription box, I've found that many of them give subscribers the latest products from brands. You might be one of the early adopters of a great new product which will let you be a bit of a go-to-gal for consumers looking for reviews and info about new products/brands. It's great for bloggers in all niches to occasionally find themselves ahead of the trend and sometimes this is a great way to do it.

3. Small Investment, Big Reward

I can be a little obessive about whether I am getting my money's worth with my subscription boxes. I usually calculate the actual retail value of my box's content (even deluxe samples can be figured out with the weak math skills I have). If you're getting a decent subscription box they'd better be giving you at least a 20% higher value than what you paid for it. Ideally, 50% is what I hope for. That said, investing $10 a month into a box of 4-5 items that I can use and that gives me content for my blog is worth it to me. Only you can decide what cost vs. content/value ratio is worth it to you as a blogger.

4. Community Resources

Not every subscription box company has a good social media presence. One that does can actually become a great resource for you. All it takes is one re-tweet of your review on a product from one of those boxes and you're getting a few new glances. Recently for example, I posted a link to a review on the Facebook page of a subscription company. I received comments from non-followers that same day! Those are just the ones who commented. Built in communities can mean little trickles of new audience for you with minimal effort.

5. Giveaway Opportunities

One of my subscription boxes was a major bust for me this month. One of the products is something I can't consume because an ingredient in it makes me sick, another I can't use because I don't have the neccessary equipment for it. Instead of throwing them away I'm sending the one to the hubs' work so his coworkers can enjoy a break-time treat and the other I'm passing along to someone I know can use it. While in this case I chose to give mine away privately oft times you could easily do a little giveaway on your blog.

Subscription boxes are certainly not for every blogger and there are many that are quite expensive but I think they're worth looking into if you're a smaller blog (like me) looking for some fresh content. I highly recommend visiting subscriptionboxes.com and reading reviews of the various ones there to find one that works for you.

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