Product Rhi-flection: The Many Uses of Ivory

One of the products sent out in Influenster's Mom Voxbox was a bar of the classic Ivory bar soap I've been using as long as I can remember. But the thing is, I never really thought about doing anything with it other than having a bar in the shower. I'm just not that clever. lol Hearing about some great alternate uses for Ivory I decided I wanted to feature the one that saved me some serious $$ and was easy to bring into my routine: washing my makeup brushes!

While none of my brushes are particularly expensive or nice the cleanser that had been recommended to me for brushes isn't cheap. I found that everytime I used it my brushes would lose hair and over time that all adds up. I like to clean mine a couple of times a month since my skin is acne-prone and sensitive and I don't want a lot of germy build-up.

Washing your brushes is a pretty simple process but difficult to photograph on your own. lol  (I recommend having a few papertowels and a flat towel for drying ready to go by your sink before you start.)

Before I get into how easy it was I wanted to make a quick note about process... I noticed some other Influensters tried washing their makeup brushes with Ivory too but found that many of them rubbed their brushes on the bar itself. Not to say they're doing anything wrong but I would discourage that because it could damage the brush by pushing moisture and soap into the handle (read on for more about that).

Instead, I recommend building a thin lather in your hand and gently massaging your brushes' bristles with them always facing downward toward the sink. Rinse and repeat until you're no longer seeing cloudy water rinse from your brushes.

Notice the angle here... downward! Gently massage the bristles with the Ivory lather.

Look at all that foundation, blush, bronzer, and eyeshadow gunk!

Again, keep the angle downward as you rinse to avoid damaging your brushes.

Lastly, lay your brushes flat to dry. (Preferrably more spread out than I show here). Again, sticking them upright to dry lets water get down into the handle where it can cause rusting and bacterial growth—yuck! Once they're dry they can go back to being stored however you prefer. ;)

Not only was Ivory so gentle on my brushes, it's so economical it's crazy! Being one of the least expensive brands available has been one reason I've always preferred it.

Now that I've found a new way to use Ivory I'm excited to get out there and see what else I can do with it outside of the bathroom. Someone mentioned shaving pieces off to put in their washing machine which I would love to try. We haven't had much of a bug season up here in Montana but one of the other unexpected uses I have to try is rubbing a dry bar on a bug bite. Seriously, the things you can do with Ivory seem to be endless!

Want to find more uses for Ivory too? Check out the Ivory community on Facebook.

Note: I received this product through Influenster's Voxbox program which provides members with free products in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions shared here are my own and not influenced by the freeness of the product. If you'd like to know more about how Influenster works please visit their website.

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