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What is it about summer that just drains the life out of moms? Oh yeah, it's those little things that make them moms in the first place—kids!

I am utterly exhausted. The 12-year-old is fighting to stay up past midnight every single night. It's a sign of my exhaustion that I—who normally cannot fall asleep unless EVERYONE is sound asleep first—fell asleep at midnight while reading last night. As my eyes fell shut and my iPad dipped dangerously toward my nose I could faintly hear the television in my son's room still going.

This momma is in need of a little TLC... or maybe a labotomy?

I had full intentions of doing an unboxing video but my Mom Voxbox arrived in the middle of a very busy week offline-wise. Forgive me, but I was too eager to dive in and see what I got to put on make-up, something other than a tank-top, and attempt to reign in my hair for a vid. Ya know what? All my guesses for my guessing post ended up being wrong but I am really thrilled to see Stash and Impress products again!

So let's dive in and check out the list of products for the Mom Voxbox together!

There are few things more classic than good old fashioned Ivory soap. It's been around since 100 years before I was born and is an iconic part of my childhood. I distinctly remember soaking in the bathtub playing with a bar of the soap famous for the fact that it floats. Just the smell of it takes me back to my childhood home. It remains on rotation in our shower for the simple fact it isn't full of perfumes and dyes which bother our sensitive skin. I'm considering trying a soap carving with this bar just for fun and then letting our little one play with it in the bath.

Another classic brand with a product I actually haven't tried. Quaker is always coming out with delicious stuff from their Quakes rice cakes to their delicious Oatmeal Squares cereal. I'm waiting for an afternoon when I can sit down with a cup of tea and savor this one slowly.

I just cleaned all the polish off my nails because my first French manicure was getting all chipped and ugly. During summer I tend to go for bright colors on my nails but this shade is called Stiletto and is very vampy looking which is VERY me. I've really enjoyed the ease of the Impress Manicure in the past but I always wore prints. I'm definitely excited to try a solid. I wish we'd gotten some prints from the Nicole Scherzinger Signature Collection though! Seriously, they're perfect for summer with bright neon prints like By My Side and bold stars like Don't Wanna. Maybe the Summer Beauty Voxbox recipients (which I'm not) will get them eh?

As I'm sure you remember if you've been following the blog for a while, I don't do artificial or 'alternative' sweeteners. Give me sugar or nothing... with one exception. I love honey. All due respect to anyone who can go vegan because honey is one of the most delicious things in the world next to butter and bacon. What made this inclusion especially exciting for me is that I was JUST thinking how much I wish honey came in a form like this so it'd be easier to use. If only they'd sent a bigger sampling—I would love to try baking with this!

*looks around all shifty eyed* Alright Influenster, how'd you get a camera into my bathroom? I don't waaaaanna floss! Okay? *sigh* I am a bad mommy when it comes to flossing. I'd rather go to the gyno than floss. Seriously. I know how important it is and I do have bad teeth and I do take really good care of them because of that... it's just the flossing I avoid. I hate it. But for you, I will try and be a good mom and challenge my older kid (the toddler really can't handle this one) to a floss off since there's a pack for him and one for me. We can do it!

Lastly, my favorite part of the box is the Stash Superfruits Sampler! Why? Well... if you've ever seen the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World... okay, I'll save that reference for a post about just the tea. ;) Anyway, it's iced tea time and even though I really don't care for green tea I've recently added it to a list of things to consume daily for better health. Which means three of these flavors meet that goal.

There are also coupons for Stash, Impress, and Dentek in with these products and some of the other Influensters who met certain demographical criteria received other products so be sure and drop by Influenster's website and Facebook page to check them out! I'm off to get the little one down for her nap and get the big kid working on his chores.

Note: I received this product through Influenster's Voxbox program which provides members with free products in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions shared here are my own and not influenced by the freeness of the product. If you'd like to know more about how Influenster works please visit their website.

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  1. What a fun box! I'm bummed that I didn't get one this time around. Thanks for sharing.


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