Fashion Rhi-view: IntiMINT First Purchase

It took me forever to make up my mind which IntiMINT pieces I wanted to splurge on but after much debate (& getting an email from Cosmopolitan magazine with the 20% off first purchase code: INTI20) I did it!

IntiMINT is a monthly subscription site featuring exclusive lingerie and loungewear styles from the company that brought us Jewelmint. Visit the website to learn more about how it works and to create a free style profile with personalized picks for you. (Until you make a first purchase/enter your CC info you won't be charged).

Waiting for my package was super difficult! Even though this year I made a goal to not spend all day in my jammies it's so tough giving up the comfort. I figured at the very least IntiMINT might help me find some loungewear I could swap for my pajamas on days when getting dressed is torture. I practically clobbered the poor mailman when he showed up because my tracking # wasn't working so it was a surprise arrival. You can see the gorgeous packaging awaiting me when I opened the outer box. Inside the first one I found this pretty purple floral package and a promo code for my next purchase.

Inside the package was this nifty zippered mesh laundering bag—a FREE gift with purchase! Perfect for the bralette and panties I'd purchased.

One of the things I was paying very close attention to when I made my purchases was the washing instructions. I can handle a cold water wash and hang dry bit of laundry but beyond that I don't have time. Thank goodness for the hand-wash cycle on my machine.

So what was inside the packages? I promise not to model any of them! I had intentions of modeling the Geranium Pink Convertible Maxi because I thought it would work as a date-night ensemble with the Malibu Cardi in Sunset Stripe over it but it's going back. If you have a tummy at all it will show every lumpy bit. I almost cried looking at myself in it. I might be skinny but two kids worth of stretchmarked belly flab that won't budge need not be showing in detail in public. ;)

Anywho, you wanted to see the goods... here they are!

The Bella Bralette in Shell Pink & The Bella Boyshort in Shell Pink

I usually go with black or 'nude' intimates because black is my go-to clothing color but the Shell Pink IntiMINT is using it lovely. White and Ivory are usually too shocking on my fair skin but this color looked pretty and this lacy combo is both feminine and sexy at the same time.

Front view

I'm a 34C and size 6 so the site suggested a Medium for me and it fits fairly well. I have a long torso so adjustable straps are a must. I don't like bralettes much, back to the whole having-kids-destroyed-my-body thing but this is so comfortable and pretty it's perfect for date-night or just a casual day at home reading.

Rear view

The cups are very lightly lined but still quite see-through and the straps are on the thin side so honestly I wouldn't recommend this for anyone above a B-cup. I've always run a bit between sizes so if you're a small C like me this may or may not be an okay fit. Definitely not for boobs that need some support.

Light lining view

Front view

The boyshorts are surprisingly flattering because I have what the hubs affectionately refers to as 'the Rhianna ass' or 'a pancake ass'. My booty has no outward thrust. lol These have a great cut and fit so comfortably I think even my flat butt looks nice in them but they'd also rock on a woman with hips or a great meaty bum.

Rear view

Front view

The Dolce Vita Brief in Geranium

I am utterly in LOVE with IntiMINT's Geranium color. If I could afford to do so I'd snap up everything in it. It's cheery and universally flattering. I debated going with the Ruched Back panty instead but it's rare I find a brief that catches my eye like these did and I wanted them for wearing under the Convertible Maxi so the color wouldn't show badly.

Rear view

I've since washed and worn these and they are the most comfortable panties I think I've ever worn. The elastic kept them in place (I have to tug on most waistbands a few times an hour) and they were so soft and comfy I didn't want to take them off. I will definitely be ordering them in the other colors when I have the extra money.

The Malibu Cardi in Sunset Stripe

Medium/Large size

This is the first IntiMINT item that I knew I had to buy. I run cold so I am the queen of layering. I own more hoodies than is healthy and have tons of cardigans and flannel button-ups. But few of them are both comfortable and pretty. The Malibu Cardi—while a bit overpriced in my opinion—is a MUST-have! Even my husband thought it was attractive. I had it on over a black tank and dark blue jeans and he complimented me. How many of us get complimented on the hotness of our loungewear?

One small flaw though... one of the ribbons for hanging came off during the first wash before I'd even worn it. As you can see here they're barely attached. Not a big deal but I find I like them since my cat likes to get in the closet and knocks things off hangers.

I do think the sizing choice selected for me was a bit tough. The M/L is a bit big all around so if you prefer a slightly slimmer fit and are usually a Medium you may want to go with the XS/S.
Back view

The Convertible Maxi in Geranium

Sorry for the sideways shot there. Blogger keeps switching it that way when it's not. This one runs VERY long. At 5' 9" and worn as a dress it grazes my ankles. If you're short this one is not going to work for you. I'm honestly baffled by it because I usually have the opposite issue.

As far as comfort goes, it would be shockingly great. I think even women with a D-cup bust could wear it without worrying about pop-out. The top part fits great and as a skirt it could hide a tummy. The side slits are long but not flasher long. My problem was the tummy...

Inside waist for reference
It is a gorgeous dress and one I wanted to love but if you have any bumpy spots like a poochy belly it clings to them all. My tummy is scarred up from having babies and you can see my stretchmarks accented in it. Not flattering. Then there's the matter of panties. If you don't wear them you'd best ...how to put this delicately... let's just say anything dark shows through. If you do wear them, know every edge is going to be on display.

Racerback Maxi (shown in black)
In the end I decided to exchange the Convertible Maxi for the Racerback Maxi in the same color. I'd hoped I could wear the latter outside the bedroom at the very least and it's not happening. At least the Racerback Maxi will work as a comfortable, functional nightgown I can lounge around in the house with. So a big shout-out to Courtney M. from Customer Service for helping me sort that out this morning.

If you've not purchased from a BeachMint company before I highly recommend their CS teams. I've never had a problem with questions, exchanges, and returns. Some customers might disagree (just look at Jewelmint's Facebook page and you'll find complaints) but I've always been patient and tried to be aware of the return/exchange policies of each item I buy. Because yes, sometimes for promotions there is a no returns/exchanges policy.

Anywho, that was my first purchase. I'm really happy with it and hope there are some selections more to my taste in August's collection because I didn't like more than one thing in July's. As of this morning both the Racerback Maxi and Malibu Cardi are Waitlisted (as in Sold Out). In my experience with Jewelmint this usually means they will have more eventually but I don't know about IntiMINT yet. If you have any questions feel free to ask. :)


  1. I absolutely love the dolce vita brief that I got! (I got shell pink, but that geranium color is gorgeous and I may pick it up next =p). I'm eagerly awaiting the robe, which is in the mail now. A lot of people seem to like it so hopefully I do too! That cardi was on my to-get list as well so I'm sad to see its sold out :( Maybe they'll have it back in stock next month.


  2. I love the Wrap Me Up robe. I think I have worn it every day since I got it. I also bought the dolce vida bralette and the dolce vida panties, I love them so much. I've definitely had a few issues with customer service and codes not working/shipping delays etc. Will definitely purchase again, although a few of the July selections are way to pricey, Come on $120 dollars for a robe, not in my budget.

  3. Yeah, I was shocked at how pricey some of the July items were.

    Overall, I'd say the quality and pricing are about on par with Victoria's Secret so I'm likely to wait for promo codes before purchasing bigger items.

    I wanted the Wrap Me Up Robe too! I held back because I already have a black robe but if they get it in another color I may have to grab it. I read a review that said the tie is attached which would be a serious plus for me because I hate lost and tangled robe ties.

    Thanks so much for commenting guys! :D


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