My first IntiMint showroom!

I've been so busy over the past week I forgot today was the launch of IntiMint. As soon as I saw my email to come start perusing the collections I did a little happy-dance in my seat. You see for me—and I blame this on the French part of my heritage—there are two staples no woman should ever go without.

A signature fragance and lingerie that looks and feels great.

Which means I am ever on the hunt for the perfect scent and spend far more money on lingerie than is probably healthy. IntiMint actually features more than just bras and panties though. Loungewear and sleepwear feature as well. As a mom I tend to prefer more modest sleepwear styles because I never know when I'll be up in the middle of the night or not have time to get dressed until after breakfast. Nothing sheer or short for bed for me. There's nothing like letting the dog out the back door and seeing the early morning jogger scoping your state of near-undress. ;)

Looking at my first showroom of personalized selections on IntiMint I was shocked to discover that 7 of the 8 items recommended for me were ones I would buy. Browsing through items not specifically selected for me I found several more I really like as well.

My first showroom

The one caveat I want to mention before I go any further, however, is that the sizes are sadly limited. While I'm a Medium (at 5' 9" and 135lbs, size 6), IntiMint's sizes currently only range from 0-14. Obviously that's not a problem for me, personally, but I come from a family of larger women and would love to see these gorgeous pieces available to those on the bigger side of the chart. Bra sizes are even more limited ranging from 32-36 and A-C cup sizes. Considering this is the initial launch collection I have high hopes more sizes will be available in the future. Of course, that means there has to be a demand for more sizes so be sure and visit IntiMint's Facebook page, or their contact page, and give them feedback!

The price range is about what you would expect in a well-known lingerie retailer. From $19.99 (1 credit) for the flirty Lace Trim Shorts to $79.96 (4 credits) for the luxurious Scalloped Back Gown.

If you tend to gravitate toward black intimates as much as I do you'll be pleased to find that most of these are available in black and other colors. So far the non-neutral colors include minty seafoam, sky blue, and geranim pink as well as a pretty heather grey and pink striped print.

My favorite items so far:

• cuddly, casual Malibu Cardi
(3 credits / $59.97)

• unique Venice Fold-Over Pant
(2 credits / $39.98)

• insta-classic Perfect Plunge Bra
(2 credits / $39.98)

• sweet and saucy Ruched Back Panty
(2 for $19.99 / 1 credit)

• simply chic Wrap-Me-Up Robe
(3 credits / $59.97)

• versatile Convertible Maxi
(3 credits / $59.97)

Though those six pieces are certainly not the only ones I fell for they're the ones I will be most likely to snap up as soon as I can find some squeeze room in my budget. I can't wait to see what the months to come have to offer! If you decide to join let me know how well your personalized showroom turned out. Happy shopping!

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