Let's get intiMINT!

It's no secret I am a Jewelmint junkie. In all honesty it's a bit pricey for me but when I made a decision to make this year be all about getting my pretty back it was a great way to invest some money into costume jewelry that will outlast the other junk I had from my teens. I love that at just $29.99 a month (which can be skipped) I can get something really special. I get more compliments on my jewelry from Jewelmint than anything I've ever owned.

Beachmint, the parent company that put together Jewelmint, continues to launch interesting celebrity and stylist endorsed monthly subscription collections but few have appealed to me as a consumer. HomeMint is too expensive for me. I think Stylemint is boring for the price. But the newest member of the Mint family, intiMINT, has potential to be a winner.

Every woman needs lingerie and I am a big fan of pretty underthings. If the photos from InStyle's exclusive preview are any indication the first collection's appeal I'm sold. The subscription of $20 a month will work the way HomeMint's does rather than the skippable Jewelmint option which I don't love but might give a month or two to try. I just hope it's not all bralettes, this woman needs a little more shaping. ;)

So what do you think? Exclusive lingerie designed by Brooke Burke a yay or a nay?

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