The Friday Five: Try the NEON trend without busting the bank!

I've been a bit crazily scattered all week. Insomnia will do that to a person. I've been in a bit of a pout too because I really want to splurge on some cute booties I saw but then I got a 20% off an Intimint purchase coupon code so I've been at war with myself over whether to be naughty or not. So today's Friday Five is one I've been brain storming for a couple of months but kind of held onto for a rainy day. (Which it literally is looking to be!)

If you were growing up in the late 80's you probably had what you thought was enough neon to last a lifetime... and yet the trend is back! I'll admit I was kind of excited to see it return because it can be a lot of fun. So I've been brainstorming great ways to dabble in the trend that you SHOULD try. Because this time around it's all about making it classy. Plus, I don't believe in spending $145 on a handbag in neon that won't be in style next summer. Spend the $$$ on classic pieces, not there-for-a-season trends like neon.

1. Go strap-happy!

One of the easiest ways to try a trend like Neon is by adding one simple thing to an everyday outfit. Strappy accessories let you put a little on without overpowering the rest of your outfit. I don't wear a watch but I found this neon green one at Target that would be perfect with a few friendship style bracelets. One of my favorite ways I've been seeing it pop up is in belts! I've found several for under $20 but one of the cutest is this Highlighter Pink one on Threadsence.

2. Put it in neutral!

The problem with neon circa '89 was the overload. Head to toe or paired with black it's very in-your face. I'm in love with neon on neutrals that aren't the stark contrasts of black or white. Think fluorescent pink and navy or highlighter orange and beige. A great example is Kara from Sprinkles in Springs rocking a very neutral color palette with a neon belt. VJuliet has a little collection of similar styles.

3. Be DIYng for it!
There are so many great things you can do with the neon trend and some of the coolest I've seen were DIY ideas on Pinterest. Take a boring old necklace and a can of spray paint outside and set your inner do-it-yourself diva free. One of my favorites is a straw tote bag—which you could easily pick up at a garage sale or thrift shop for under $5— spray painted on the bottom! A cheap and fun way to make a new bag for the beach or farmer's market.

4. Nail it!

In my opinion the best way to try the trend this summer is on your nails. China Glaze has a Summer Neons collection that is killer and American Apparel's NEONs have been very popular.

You can go with a full mani or pedi or rock a really subtle but sexy trend—the Neon French. MaD Mani has a great pink version you can check out. I even found an awesome way to make it easy to DIY it!

5. Go BIG and stay solid!

If you want to go a little bolder with your neon find one big piece. An oversized neon tee, a maxi skirt, or skinny jeans. Top neon bottoms with a white tee shirt to update the classic garment or pair white pants with the neon tee. Keep it solid, keep it simple. Keep accessories to a minimum. Let the big, bold neon piece speak for itself.

Want more NEON? Check out my 'How to rock NEON!' Pinterest board for great ways to wear and enjoy the trend without looking like a time-traveler. ;)

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