The Friday Five: 5 Fun Ways to 'Wear' Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist

The Friday Five done Bath & Body Works style... ♥

This week's Friday Five is was inspired by the great mall haul I did at all the semi-annual sales today. I tried to resist after my big splurges last month in Washington but I found so many cute things and after the USPS lost my Spring Beauty Voxbox—yes, I mentioned it again, sorry—I really wanted some of the Fine Fragrance Mist from Bath & Body Works.

I ♥ B&BW's fragrances. They have some of the best I've ever smelled, I just wish their products were less synthetic and more nature based/eco-friendly which I have been trying to be more mindful of. So honestly, I hadn't been into the store since Christmas time. The wonderful sales girl—sorry I didn't catch your name!—who helped me out while I was in the store deserves some serious kudos because I had a problem. I explained the lost Voxbox situation and that I was having a tough time because by that point in the afternoon I had no sense of smell. All the stores had so many body sprays and candles I was all sniffed out and in a panic but she came to my rescue!
My new FAVORITE B&BW scent!

My personal favorite scents are Dark Kiss, Twilight Woods, and Wild Honeysuckle. I generally love white florals, fruity and woody notes, gourmands, and florientals. I got her to give me the basics of the three I was interested in and she let me know that if I bought them, got them home and used them but hated them I could bring them back and return or exchange them. Awesome customer service!

Once I got home and had my nose cleared I finally got to sample my trio of new scents for summer: Malibu Heat, Paris Amour, and Pink Chiffon. All three have coconut in their notes list which makes them perfect fragrances for summer. Better yet, the Fine Fragrance Mist is light so it's not overpowering in the heat. I am in love with these! Which got me thinking... what were some fun ways to use my new scents. I came up with five great ones I hope you'll enjoy!

1. Keep it Cool

Store your Fine Fragrance Mist in the fridge and spritz it on to cool off.

2. Beach Towel Treat

Although you should avoid flame and heat, spritz a little on a warm beach towel post-shower and wrap up!

3. Love Your Linens

Spray a little bit of your favorite sensual or cuddly B&BW fragrance onto your pillow and take an afternoon nap.

4. Hide & Seek

Grab a cotton ball and tear it in half, place one half in the lid of the Fine Fragrance Mist. Give it a few spritzes and give it a minute to settle.

Tuck the newly scented cotton ball into a pendant designed for such things. (If you want to know where I got mine there's a link to the site in the sidebar or just email me).

5. Pen Pals

When you're off traveling this summer, when you're sending 'thank-yous' from graduation, or leaving a note for your sweety be unforgettable... spritz your stationary or card with a single spray of Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist in your signature scent right before putting it in the envelope.

Note: I received this product through Influenster's Voxbox program which provides members with free products in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions shared here are my own and not influenced by the freeness of the product. If you'd like to know more about how Influenster works please visit their website.

This product was purchased by me since my Voxbox was lost in the mail. The disclosure is only here for the purpose of letting you know more about the wonderful program that is Influenster and for my participation in the Brand Challenges from the Spring Beauty Voxbox.

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