Book Rhi-view: You Are My Cupcake by Joyce Wan

You Are My Cupcake by Joyce Wan
Board Book, Toddler, Cute
Board Book $6.99 (14 pages, Scholastic)
A scrumptious board book, filled with sweet terms of endearment.
This bite-sized board book is an ode to all the names we call our children: cutie pie, sweet pea, peanut, pumpkin. With a candy-colored palette and irresistible art, this is the perfect baby shower gift!
(2 and up)
Author Site: wanart.com

Cuteness Overload! (5 stars)

When I first saw the cover for YOU ARE MY CUPCAKE in a Goodreads giveaway I broke my no-kids-books rule and entered the giveaway. I didn't win but the book stayed in my head as one I was going to have to break down and pick up for my little girl. I mean look at it... it's adorable!

Imagine my surprise when my kids came back from a day with grandma with this book in tow. In the many months that have passed since then this darned book continues to be her favorite. She sleeps with it like a lovie tucked in beside her. We read it together every night. When we went on a trip it made the 700 mile journey with us... and back again. All you have to do is crack the book to see why.

Simple and sweet is exactly what YOU ARE MY CUPCAKE is. Tender little endearments from 'sticky little gumdrop' to 'chubby little pumpkin' remind our little ones how precious they are in a way that translates to their young minds. We've read it so many times my daughter can 'read' it back to me. We've since had to add Wan's other cute board book, WE BELONG TOGETHER, to our collection but this one remains the favorite.

If you have a two year old who is passionate about books this is one of those great board books that he or she is likely to be able to 'read' to you. I'm so in love with the cutesey illustrations I'm hoping Wan adds them to her website as posters so I can get them for my daughter's room.

Notes: This book was a gift bought for my child.

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  1. ~Thanks Rhianna, it means so much to me to read how much your little Cupcake loves her book. ~Joyce Wan


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