The Friday Five: Try the NEON trend without busting the bank!

I've been a bit crazily scattered all week. Insomnia will do that to a person. I've been in a bit of a pout too because I really want to splurge on some cute booties I saw but then I got a 20% off an Intimint purchase coupon code so I've been at war with myself over whether to be naughty or not. So today's Friday Five is one I've been brain storming for a couple of months but kind of held onto for a rainy day. (Which it literally is looking to be!)

If you were growing up in the late 80's you probably had what you thought was enough neon to last a lifetime... and yet the trend is back! I'll admit I was kind of excited to see it return because it can be a lot of fun. So I've been brainstorming great ways to dabble in the trend that you SHOULD try. Because this time around it's all about making it classy. Plus, I don't believe in spending $145 on a handbag in neon that won't be in style next summer. Spend the $$$ on classic pieces, not there-for-a-season trends like neon.

1. Go strap-happy!

One of the easiest ways to try a trend like Neon is by adding one simple thing to an everyday outfit. Strappy accessories let you put a little on without overpowering the rest of your outfit. I don't wear a watch but I found this neon green one at Target that would be perfect with a few friendship style bracelets. One of my favorite ways I've been seeing it pop up is in belts! I've found several for under $20 but one of the cutest is this Highlighter Pink one on Threadsence.

2. Put it in neutral!

The problem with neon circa '89 was the overload. Head to toe or paired with black it's very in-your face. I'm in love with neon on neutrals that aren't the stark contrasts of black or white. Think fluorescent pink and navy or highlighter orange and beige. A great example is Kara from Sprinkles in Springs rocking a very neutral color palette with a neon belt. VJuliet has a little collection of similar styles.

3. Be DIYng for it!
There are so many great things you can do with the neon trend and some of the coolest I've seen were DIY ideas on Pinterest. Take a boring old necklace and a can of spray paint outside and set your inner do-it-yourself diva free. One of my favorites is a straw tote bag—which you could easily pick up at a garage sale or thrift shop for under $5— spray painted on the bottom! A cheap and fun way to make a new bag for the beach or farmer's market.

4. Nail it!

In my opinion the best way to try the trend this summer is on your nails. China Glaze has a Summer Neons collection that is killer and American Apparel's NEONs have been very popular.

You can go with a full mani or pedi or rock a really subtle but sexy trend—the Neon French. MaD Mani has a great pink version you can check out. I even found an awesome way to make it easy to DIY it!

5. Go BIG and stay solid!

If you want to go a little bolder with your neon find one big piece. An oversized neon tee, a maxi skirt, or skinny jeans. Top neon bottoms with a white tee shirt to update the classic garment or pair white pants with the neon tee. Keep it solid, keep it simple. Keep accessories to a minimum. Let the big, bold neon piece speak for itself.

Want more NEON? Check out my 'How to rock NEON!' Pinterest board for great ways to wear and enjoy the trend without looking like a time-traveler. ;)


What a weekend...cute clothes & bad managers!

First off I have to do a happy dance because I spent the morning catching up on emails I hadn't had time for over the past few days and I won a really awesome prize I can't wait to share with y'all. It'll be a few weeks before I can mention more I think but until then... yay for new beauty products!

This morning I was in a bit of a rush because I had all three kids and the hubs was working. But of course it's Father's day and that meant I had to get dressed before lunchtime. I grabbed my new shorts and tossed them on the chair by my closet and was stumped about a shirt. It's soooo windy here in Montana today! Which often means what seems warm will feel cold after a while. One of the kids was calling for me so I turned around to go see what was up and noticed my favorite light-weight sweater was laying next to my shorts. Shorts and a sweater seems like a fashion don't be the outfit turned out to be shockingly cute.


Outfit from Forever21:


I completed it with simple flipflops, Jewelmint's Message in a Bottle Necklace and Angel Trumpet Earrings, Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist in Pink Chiffon, Physician's Formula Happy Mood Booster Bronzer & Blush, dark brown mascara and nude lips. Very casual but also really cute.

The awful part of the weekend was the rude manager at the local Boston's The Gourmet Pizza sports bar and restaurant. Had a waitress not walked up after the manager ignored us—and the woman with her kids in front of us—when NO hostesses were available I would have walked out. Chris, you were a wonderful and attentive server. I hope you enjoy the generous tip and that you did tell your manager her treatment of us was absolutely unacceptable.

I will NOT be eating at Boston's again after yesterday. With nothing on the menu that I like anymore and the poor treatment I cannot see a reason to return. If the place had been packed I'd have been understanding but it was very quiet. A 10 minute wait to be seated was utterly ridiculous. I've worked a restaurant before and would have at least apologized or offered a free dessert after two families had to put up with that. Chris deserves a raise and you (whatever your name was, all I saw was the manager tag under where your name was) deserve poor service the next time you go out to eat so you'll see how it feels to spend your time and money where it's not valued.

And on that note I am off to go call my daddy and wish him a happy Father's Day before True Blood!


The Friday Five: 5 Fun Ways to 'Wear' Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist

The Friday Five done Bath & Body Works style... ♥

This week's Friday Five is was inspired by the great mall haul I did at all the semi-annual sales today. I tried to resist after my big splurges last month in Washington but I found so many cute things and after the USPS lost my Spring Beauty Voxbox—yes, I mentioned it again, sorry—I really wanted some of the Fine Fragrance Mist from Bath & Body Works.

I ♥ B&BW's fragrances. They have some of the best I've ever smelled, I just wish their products were less synthetic and more nature based/eco-friendly which I have been trying to be more mindful of. So honestly, I hadn't been into the store since Christmas time. The wonderful sales girl—sorry I didn't catch your name!—who helped me out while I was in the store deserves some serious kudos because I had a problem. I explained the lost Voxbox situation and that I was having a tough time because by that point in the afternoon I had no sense of smell. All the stores had so many body sprays and candles I was all sniffed out and in a panic but she came to my rescue!
My new FAVORITE B&BW scent!

My personal favorite scents are Dark Kiss, Twilight Woods, and Wild Honeysuckle. I generally love white florals, fruity and woody notes, gourmands, and florientals. I got her to give me the basics of the three I was interested in and she let me know that if I bought them, got them home and used them but hated them I could bring them back and return or exchange them. Awesome customer service!

Once I got home and had my nose cleared I finally got to sample my trio of new scents for summer: Malibu Heat, Paris Amour, and Pink Chiffon. All three have coconut in their notes list which makes them perfect fragrances for summer. Better yet, the Fine Fragrance Mist is light so it's not overpowering in the heat. I am in love with these! Which got me thinking... what were some fun ways to use my new scents. I came up with five great ones I hope you'll enjoy!

1. Keep it Cool

Store your Fine Fragrance Mist in the fridge and spritz it on to cool off.

2. Beach Towel Treat

Although you should avoid flame and heat, spritz a little on a warm beach towel post-shower and wrap up!

3. Love Your Linens

Spray a little bit of your favorite sensual or cuddly B&BW fragrance onto your pillow and take an afternoon nap.

4. Hide & Seek

Grab a cotton ball and tear it in half, place one half in the lid of the Fine Fragrance Mist. Give it a few spritzes and give it a minute to settle.

Tuck the newly scented cotton ball into a pendant designed for such things. (If you want to know where I got mine there's a link to the site in the sidebar or just email me).

5. Pen Pals

When you're off traveling this summer, when you're sending 'thank-yous' from graduation, or leaving a note for your sweety be unforgettable... spritz your stationary or card with a single spray of Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist in your signature scent right before putting it in the envelope.

Note: I received this product through Influenster's Voxbox program which provides members with free products in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions shared here are my own and not influenced by the freeness of the product. If you'd like to know more about how Influenster works please visit their website.

This product was purchased by me since my Voxbox was lost in the mail. The disclosure is only here for the purpose of letting you know more about the wonderful program that is Influenster and for my participation in the Brand Challenges from the Spring Beauty Voxbox.


Foodie Rhi-flection: I ♥ Breakfast for Dinner! (+ 'how-to')

As much as I love food and putting together a great meal... I can be really bleh about it when dinner time rolls around.

My husband and I grew up in families that were the culinary polar opposites of one another. While he was noshing on McDonald's we were slurping down stir-fry. When we were served kasha and yogurt for breakfast he was enjoying Fruity Pebbles. Are you noticing a trend yet? My grandmothers were noted for their Smurf shaped pancakes and vegetarian diets. One of his served squirrel to my mother-in-law. lol Needless to say bringing our ways of eating together was one of the more challenging parts of getting married.

Over the years though, I've grown an appreciation for Southern style Sweet Tea and certain convenience foods, while he's found that fruit, vegetables, shellfish, and even curries are pretty darned tasty. If there's one thing that I love to do most on date-night it's going out for dinner so we can enjoy a peaceful sit-down meal together.

Everyday dinners are something else entirely. Am I right? We're often eating separately or while at the computer or while attempting to get the tot to eat her meal. It's always a rush and with the longer days I've been forgetting how late it really is. Which means scrambling to figure out a decent meal at the last minute.

One of my favorite dinner solutions is breakfast for dinner. While it's not my personal favorite, Eggs Benedict, is one of the hubs' top breakfast choices. While certainly not as fancy when made at home it can still be really yummy and is very quickly made.

I can't really call my 'How-To' a recipe because it's made with the simplest collection of items that we usually have around the house. The only one we usually have to pick up beforehand are the English Muffins.

I find that one English Muffin, 2 Eggs, and 4 slices of Ham (lunchmeat) are perfect for adults and tweens-teens. One package of sauce mix (you will also need butter for this) is enough for our family to have leftovers.

All you need are the following ingredients (+ the butter for the sauce):
English Muffins
Hollandaise Sauce packet (or make your own!)
Ham (leftovers work great but I use thin lunchmeat since we always have it on hand)
Paprika (for garnish, or you can use fresh chives)

For my version I prefer the 100% Whole Wheat English Muffins from Franz Bakery, Knorr Hollandaise Sauce, and usually use Land O'Frost Premium Brown Sugar Ham unless we have leftover ham from another meal.


Fashion Rhi-flection: Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot Cushions Review

Heels are a new thing for me. You see, I'm 5' 9" tall. When I met my husband thirteen years ago the fact that he was half a foot shorter than I am pretty much ruined any desire I had to add more towering height with heels. Not that I didn't love them. I have legs meant for heels!

Fast forward to the present and a recent wedding we were attending as groomsman and friend of the groom. I wanted to look elegant and polished next to my sweetie so I spent months searching for the perfect heels. I ended up with two cute pairs. Royal blue suede pumps and black strappy platforms. The problem? Heels HURT! Especially when you're not used to wearing shoes more than a couple of times a week.

It's been years since I bought insoles and only ever for more sensible work shoes so I honestly wasn't sure if they even made ones that would be suitable for heels. Enter Dr. Scholl's For Her and their brilliant line of foot care products designed for "women's unique footcare needs".

For my pumps I found that the High Heel Insoles offered the arch support and ball of foot cushioning that made them excrutiatingly painful to wear.

But my black strappy set had a different problem. They were cute and comfortable but due to the high heel all the pressure on the ball of my foot made them uncomfortable to wear out on date night. Since my Spring Beauty Voxbox ended up lost in the mail I wasn't able to try them yet but the Ball of Foot Cushions that were included in the box are just what I need!

Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot Cushions are designed to "fit comfortably and discreetly in both open- and closed-toe shoes", which makes them perfect for the strappy styles that are everywhere this summer. Best of all, they're removable without damaging your pricier pairs.

Alas, due to a rotten set of circumstances (a very sick toddler) I didn't get to wear my pretty shoes to the wedding. But now I have a new appreciation for heels—and the hubs loves them in spite of the height issue—and thanks to Dr. Scholl's For Her, I'll be comfy on date-night!

Still not totally convinced? Drop by the website and print out the $2 off coupon to save money on your first set. Your feet will thank you. ;)

Note: I received this product through Influenster's Voxbox program which provides members with free products in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions shared here are my own and not influenced by the freeness of the product. If you'd like to know more about how Influenster works please visit their website.

This product was purchased by me since my Voxbox was lost in the mail. The disclosure is only here for the purpose of letting you know more about the wonderful program that is Influenster and for my participation in the Brand Challenges from the Spring Beauty Voxbox.


Get $2 to spend on MP3's at Amazon.com

I ♥ Amazon Cloud Player for storing and using my music. I'm constantly switching computers and devices as I work thanks to the awful layout of our home so it makes having my favorite tunes in one place so convenient.

Now it's available for the iPhone and iPod touch! To celebrate Amazon has a freebie promo so you can try it out.

Just click the above link and follow the instructions to take advantage of this great offer!

Let me know if you take advantage of this great freebie. ;)

My first IntiMint showroom!

I've been so busy over the past week I forgot today was the launch of IntiMint. As soon as I saw my email to come start perusing the collections I did a little happy-dance in my seat. You see for me—and I blame this on the French part of my heritage—there are two staples no woman should ever go without.

A signature fragance and lingerie that looks and feels great.

Which means I am ever on the hunt for the perfect scent and spend far more money on lingerie than is probably healthy. IntiMint actually features more than just bras and panties though. Loungewear and sleepwear feature as well. As a mom I tend to prefer more modest sleepwear styles because I never know when I'll be up in the middle of the night or not have time to get dressed until after breakfast. Nothing sheer or short for bed for me. There's nothing like letting the dog out the back door and seeing the early morning jogger scoping your state of near-undress. ;)

Looking at my first showroom of personalized selections on IntiMint I was shocked to discover that 7 of the 8 items recommended for me were ones I would buy. Browsing through items not specifically selected for me I found several more I really like as well.

My first showroom


Influenster Mom VoxBox Hints & Guesses!

So after the fiasco with my missing Spring Beauty VoxBox, I admit I'm not getting my hopes up for USPS delivering my Mom VoxBox. Why does USPS lose several Influenster's boxes every month? Not cool guys!

Anywho, the email with some hints and info came last week but I've been a little busy over the weekend. Thought I'd share the hints so we can all speculate because half the fun of being an Influenster is the surprise factor. I kind of get a weird sense of satisfaction when I guess right, do you do that too?

So we Mom VoxBoxers will be trying...

• Beverage Product
• Manicure Product
• Soap Product
• Snack Product
• Sweetener Sample Product
• Oral Care Sample Product

So far I've noticed a trend in Influenster's Voxboxes for this year so I'm guessing some of these will be products from companies we've already worked with.

I'm going to guess the Oral Care product is Colgate Optic White, and the Soap product will be either one of Softsoap's body washes or Pampered Hands foaming soaps. But perhaps the Soap product could be an Aveeno one. The manicure product is likely to be a Sally Hansen one, I'm rooting for the new Magnetic one or Complete Salon Manicure.

As far as consumables go I'm praying the Sweetener is anything other than a stevia based product. The beverage could be tea, I'm guessing it might be the new Lipton Tea & Honey To Go Packets. But I would love just about any beverage that's not got stevia in it. (Are you noticing my dislike for it yet? lol)

I'm going to guess the snack product might be Larabar's new Uber bar. It's a brand new product and being a huge fan of nuts I would do a serious happy-dance if this is it.

If you're scratching your head wondering what on Earth I'm talking about make sure you drop in to the Influenster website before it goes invite only in July!

So what do you think of my guesses? Have any guesses of your own? Are you going to be getting the Mom VoxBox? If you are, feel free to leave a link to your blog in the comments so I can check out YOUR reviews for the products after I do my own! I love seeing what others thought of the same products. :)

Can't wait to read the status update that the boxes have begun shipping later this week.


Let's get intiMINT!

It's no secret I am a Jewelmint junkie. In all honesty it's a bit pricey for me but when I made a decision to make this year be all about getting my pretty back it was a great way to invest some money into costume jewelry that will outlast the other junk I had from my teens. I love that at just $29.99 a month (which can be skipped) I can get something really special. I get more compliments on my jewelry from Jewelmint than anything I've ever owned.

Beachmint, the parent company that put together Jewelmint, continues to launch interesting celebrity and stylist endorsed monthly subscription collections but few have appealed to me as a consumer. HomeMint is too expensive for me. I think Stylemint is boring for the price. But the newest member of the Mint family, intiMINT, has potential to be a winner.

Every woman needs lingerie and I am a big fan of pretty underthings. If the photos from InStyle's exclusive preview are any indication the first collection's appeal I'm sold. The subscription of $20 a month will work the way HomeMint's does rather than the skippable Jewelmint option which I don't love but might give a month or two to try. I just hope it's not all bralettes, this woman needs a little more shaping. ;)

So what do you think? Exclusive lingerie designed by Brooke Burke a yay or a nay?
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