The Friday Five: 5 Sanity Saving Links

I've been having a bad week, which has been topping off a really bad month. Sometimes it feels like the Fates are conspiring against me. I've been having reviewers block a bit and haven't felt anything was worth writing about for either blog lately. Which is totally uncool. But for some of the woes that arrose this week I found some helpful linkage worth sharing for a Friday Five. Hope you'll get some use out of these!

1. Home Remedy to Get Out Play Dough, Silly Putty, and Slime Stain

You know those squishy balls filled with slime? Let's just say someone gave my toddler one and that no matter how many times I hid it, gave it away, or threw it in the trash it managed to mysteriously reappear. Then the tot popped it and the slime went ALL over my living room carpet... then she hit it under toys. Imagine a two foot long by six inch wide section of carpet covered in runny egg yolk yellow slime. It's not completely gone yet but it went from looking like someone puked egg into it to being a slight neon-yellow stain. Which she then spilled sweet-potato-apricot 'squeeze' onto. *facepalm* I've spent lots of time in the past two days working on this carpet. Thank goodness I found this guide, it was VERY helpful!

2. eReaderIQ.com

Sometimes I just need to get something for free. Because as moms it's hard to splurge on the things we want. Every day or so I sit down and check through the Kindle freebies here to see if I can snag something from my wishlist for free. I also share them with my Facebook friends since so many of them are ereader nerds like me. Got two from my wishlist for free this week! *happy dance*

3. American Pregnancy Association

The hubs and I are frustrated with our birth control options but getting a straight answer about IUDs has been even more frustrating. Mostly, I just wanted someone to put it in terms that would help me make an ethical decision of whether it was right for us. This is the only place I've found a note regarding that aspect of it. If you've been curious about how an IUD prevents pregnancy but not sure it's right for you, have a look.

4. Chocolate Peanut-Butter No Bake Cookies

Imagine it's Sunday evening and you've just finished dinner for company when it hits you... you didn't consider dessert. You have less than an hour before Game of Thrones starts and a dinner to clean up. Or it's 10:45 PM on a Wednesday night when your spouse decides to remind you they need a contribution for the office potluck the following day. Oh yeah. These are 100% scenarios from my week. I always forget where I put the recipe for that thing that I saw in a magazine or someone else made but hasn't gotten the recipe to me... thank goodness for this link!!! It saved me twice in one week.

5. The Berry

If the previous links aren't an indication. I've had one hell of a week. Stress. Stress. Stress. But I tried to stay positive and only vent to people who could offer something helpful. Which wasn't many folks since I tend to be the responsible one in most of my relationships, friendly or familial. When I needed a distraction, a laugh and a smile or some combination of it all I popped by this nifty site for a Berry Break. Heels, baby animals, nomnoms, and more just waiting to make your day. It's good stuff.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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