Unboxing: March "Joie de Vivre" Cravebox

Once again my Cravebox disappointed me... not in the contents but in the delivery. Why bother calling it the March box if I get it on the 30th? :( The good news is this box has proved to be my favorite so far!

The theme for this box was a bit more theme-y and IMHO that worked in it's favor. I'm all about life's simple pleasures and this month's box was a good fit for my tastes/desires. Lip balm, mascara, tea bags, a beverage, and a wrinkle cream were all nice choices for this box.

The now familiar—and in my case LOVED—Mereadesso brand brings their Lip Treats. A two-pack retails for $28! While these won't likely replace my favorite EOS lip spheres the formula is exceptional. Buttery soft and no waxy residue. I wouldn't mind them in 'flavors' but clear and flavorless (unscented) formulas are the brand's trademark.

The most interesting addition to the box for me is a can of Mercy, a beverage designed to help prevent a hangover. Not that I drink that often or that much but if I do and have a bit too much there's no one to call on the next morning to help take care of our kids. As most parents know, there's nothing like trying to wrangle a tween and a toddler through the morning routine when you've got a headache and cotton mouth. It's caffeine free and after reading all of the info on it I'm excited to give it a try. At about $3 a can it's not going to set me back a bunch if I decide it's something I want to stock for that couple of times a year I have a bottle of wine... or three. :P I just have to check and make sure the herbal components won't interfere with my anti-seizure meds, of course!

When I'm not enjoying a frothy Guinness or deep, dark mug of coffee I'm probably drinking tea. I prefer herbal teas mostly, especially minty varieties. But somehow I'd never heard of Mighty Leaf tea. We received a single gab of three of their varieties to try. Organic Breakfast, Green Tea Tropical, and Organic Mint Melagne. I was really impressed with the quality of the tea, the bags themselves and that each had a specific (and different) brew time suggested on the back. I never know how long is best for which type! So far I've tried the Breakfast and Tropical teas, liked the latter, didn't care for the former. Can't wait to try the Mint. They even have a Chocolate Mint Truffle tea I'm going to have to try! At roughly 66¢ per bag these aren't too badly priced so these three were a value of about $2.

At $21.99 retail, Puristics Intensive Eye Treatment is an intriguing inclusion in March's box. I had just seen Puristics somewhere online I think but hadn't taken the time to read more about them. Everything seems to be claiming to be organic or natural or eco-friendly of late and wading through the pretenders is exhausting. I actually had just started the search for an eye product so this was eerily well timed for me. All this squinting as I blog seems to be giving me a few fine lines around my eyes. ;) I'm going to research the company more, specially since they also have a feminine care line (tampons, etc.) and will hopefully feature them later this month!

If there's one cosmetic product I would miss if there was ever an apocalypse it's mascara! You can pinch your cheeks and bite your lips for a little color but nothing accentuates your face like lush lashes. Everyone has different needs with their mascara though so I tend to switch mine up frequently. I love trying new ones! This month's box featured NYX's new Boudior Mascara in Pin-Up Tease. It came in a cute little black lace bag too. ;) The Pin-Up Tease formula is one of seven different ones in the Boudior collection which includes other aptly named mascaras like Za Za Zu and Provocateur. Each has unique qualities but Pin-Up Tease's is to darken and curl lashes. While I found it clumps my lashes up badly and flakes after several hours of wear it's so lightweight my lashes feel bare. It also dries to a glossy, patent leather black that I kind of like. At $6 it's one worth checking out if you're looking for a curling formula, I didn't even have to curl my lashes to get a nice curve to them and when curled they looked fab.

So overall, a satisfying box. I ended up trying to try the Puristics before I could get this post up and the pump on the darned thing is broken. I'm really disappointed there. Ah well. Best get this up but be on the look out for more thorough reviews later this month!

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