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As you've probably noticed I've been totally geeking on Jewelmint since joining in December. It's crazy how big my collection has gotten. There are other Mints too, but I'm not really much of a shoe wearer and the idea of paying $30 for tee shirts makes my skin crawl. I'm happy with my skincare line so Beautymint doesn't interest me. After hearing rumors that a new celeb backed Mint was coming out I'd hoped a lingerie Mint might be announced—what woman doesn't need more lingerie?—but to my shock and delight Beachmint instead welcomed HomeMint to the family.

HomeMint is a collection of home goods and art curated and designed by Justin Timberlake and interior designer and celebrity stylist, Estee Stanley.

I don't recall when or where but I'm certain the only time I've heard of Estee was actually from Justin in an interview or something. As with the other Mint brands it looks like the pair make a great design and curation team so I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll offer when they launch.
HomeMint will work a little differently than it's sisters, instead of credits that are equal to pieces membership fees are just that. It makes perfect sense considering the range of home items they could offer.
HomeMint shoppers will be able to purchase products at non-member pricing or pay a monthly membership fee of $9.99, which can be used as a credit towards any purchase. It pays to be a member! Membership benefits include exclusive member pricing, early access to limited edition products and personalized selections each month matched to their individual style.

We have variety! The HomeMint collection will include a wide range of prices from $10 for accessories to $10,000 for unique objects and art.

A hint of what prices to anticipate from an  ELLE DECOR interview with Timberlake and Stanley gives the impression that most HomeMint items will be about what you'd expect in a department store with a member's and non-member's price. The previewed pieces themselves are lovely but I'd be lying if I called them affordable on my budget.

Please feel free to join HomeMint using my referral link for early access, there's no credit card or anything required yet so don't worry about being charged. It's just spreading the word at this point but there's a giveaway coming up so it's well worth looking into before the full launch.

I have to giggle a little because I'm still raising an eyebrow at that ELLE DECOR photo of Justin Timberlake with all those fabric swatches. The man is massively talented already but now he's going to sell me throw pillows and candlesticks? What can't he do? lol :)

Have a terrific day everyone and let me know what you think of HomeMint's sneak peeks so far.

Note: This post is not sponsored by Beachmint/HomeMint but does contain a referral link.

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