Suggestions needed!

Howdy there my dear readers!

I broke down and purchased a new computer for myself finally. It's here now but I'm still shopping for a good webcam for vlogging and video reviewing primarily. Truth is though, I haven't owned a webcam in 10 years! I don't even know what to look for really.

I'm also looking for something a bit nicer than Windows Movie Maker for putting my vids together. Soooo give me some suggestions if you've got them. My budget isn't huge but I consider it an investment so don't consider price just tell me if you like yours and which model/brand/etc. it is. I'd be most appreciative!

Hopefully I'll have some actual reviews later this week. My other blog's been really crazy with another event so I haven't had time to focus over here like I wanted to. Feel free to drop in over there as I have 7 international book giveaways that will be up by Saturday afternoon that end next week.

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