Influenster Love Voxbox Opening/Unboxing!

A little behing on getting this one up. I blame the fact it took forever for the box to get here. It showed up right before we were heading out for an impromptu date-night so I didn't even get to check it out until much later. I took some quick photos and we were out the door. But I wanted to do an unboxing video since for once I wasn't sick or dealing with sick kids AND I was decently dressed and wearing makeup. It's the little things, no? lol

So here's my video of the unboxing. I swear YouTube always gives me the WORST thumbnail options. This was the least horrid one. Ha! Then I broke out in hives 'cause I get nervous on camera. I wanted to do it all in one take though so I guess that didn't help the nerves either. I sound like such a dork don't I? *cringe* It actually sounded better once I watched it but at the time I was thinking 'stop and start over' every ten seconds.

This box is great in different ways than the Holiday Voxbox. This one is more food-centric but that's totally cool 'cause who doesn't love food? The other items were from companies Influenster has worked with before—Gillette Venus and Kiss (aka Broadway Nails). So what was in the box you ask? Well, look on...

Full details including retail value of each product.

A coupon for $1 off 2 bars! You can get one at the Ghiradelli website too!

Stash Herbal Tea Sampler - click for larger view which shows the flavors!
 Honestly, this is what excited me most since I mostly only drink coffee and herbal tea. I loooove Stash's Licorice Spice already which is included in this sampler as well as their Christmas Eve tea. If you love tea ou HAVE to go shop the Stash website. It has the coolest tea gear! Check the #stashtea hastag on Twitter to see which flavors the other Influensters are loving.

Kiss Nail Dress in Bodysuit
Admittedly, I would not pick Bodysuit for myself, it's a bit too busy for my tastes but I've wanted to try these since using the Impress Press-On Manicure. On the Kiss Nail Dress website you can see more designs, I really like Teddy, Babydoll, Lingerie, and Mini. Follow the #kissnaildress hashtag to see what my Influenster sisters are saying about this product!

Truvia Zero-Calorie Sweetener Sample Box (7 packets + 75¢ coupon)
The one item I wasn't happy about. If you read my reaction to the EBOOST product I tried last month you'll know just how much stevia upsets my stomach. The only other time I've had such an adverse reaction to something was an antibiotic allergy. I did give this a try anyway and will share a post about it soon. You can check out the #truvia hashtag for more about this product.
Gillette Venus & Olay razor (single)
I was a Venus user for years and switched to another brand a while back 'cause I wanted to try something new. I'm excited to give this new Venus line a thorough testing and weigh in with it very soon. Watch for me to shout-out with the #GoddessSkin hashtag in the next few days!
Ghiradelli Gourmet Milk Creamy Devotion bar (3.5 oz)
Last, and not least at all is this milk chocolate bar from Ghiradelli. I was always a milk chocolate girl until I got pregnant with the tot. Gestational diabetes made me have to rethink all of my eating and I was missing chocolate sooo bad so I started buying Ghiradelli's dark chocolate bars since they had stronger flavor in smaller portions. Since then I've been mostly eating the dark bars (love the one with orange so much!) and somehow haven't actually tried this one. #iloveghirardelli so I can't wait!
Overall, with one 'meh' item it's a seriously awesome box! I'm loving all but the Truvia and look forward to sharing it all with you in the days to come.

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