Fashion Rhi-flection: Hunger Games Style

I'm not a rabid fan of The Hunger Games. I've only read the first book and did love it. But I'm not the sort of rabid fan who obsesses over every detail of things and have actually been avoiding much exposure to the film's promotional materials. I've seen a few stills and the trailer but that's about it.

As I'm sure most readers would say, you get your own idea of how a character looks or things about the world and it's not always easy to swallow a film maker's vision of what you think it should be. There was so much drama over Cinna's casting the controvery and discussion of 'white priveledge' that sprouted out of it really turned me off to the film for a while. When I read THG a certain actor I'll not name, was my immediate avatar for Cinna and it had nothing to do with race. It was just that the actor has impressed me with his work in the past few years and I'd have liked to see him give Cinna the eloquence and eccentricity my imagination had avoked. That said, I wasn't bothered by seeing Lenny Kravitz cast as Cinna, in fact the first thing I thought was 'I love his music, but can he act?'.

Cinna was my favorite character until Foxface became more interesting as the Games go on. Part of that was because it was his job to style Katniss. It was an exciting part of the book for me as a closet fashion lover.

Right now, Polyvore is having a Hunger Games contest and since I was in need of a quiet creative break today I messed around with a few sets and decided to share them with you.

I chose the districts I did because each related to my part of the country and I have yet to find an official Panem map to pick a district from. Each was a lot of fun and I changed the format a little as I went but it was all really inspiring and fun. If I had more time to play I'd do one for each district but no such luck today. Hope you enjoy checking these out...

A Tribute to District 7
A Tribute to District 7

A Tribute to District 11
A Tribute to District 11

A Tribute to District 11 by misfitrhi featuring leaf jewelry

A Tribute to Disctrict 4
A Tribute to District 4

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