Book Rhi-view: Up Cat by Hazel Hutchins

Up Cat by Hazel Hutchins
Board Book, Animals, Humor
Board Book $6.95 (26 pages, ANNICK PRESS)
You'd be surprised at what a cat gets up to all day! A cat can get tangled up in all kinds of fun and mischief between wake-up time and nap time. Follow along with the playful text as Cat laps up milk, messes up the house, gets up to no good, stands up to a visiting dog, and finally curls up for a nap in the sun.
The expressive, energetic illustrations against simple backgrounds mirror the spare but rhythmic text that teaches about "up" actions while leading the reader through a day in the life of a cat.
Together with Up Dog, this board book will soon be a favorite of toddlers and preschoolers who adore animals.
(2 and up)
Publisher Site: Annick Press

Hilarious for toddler and adult alike! (5 stars)

What is cat up to today? Discover the many Ups of Cat as it gets into all sorts of mischief that's sure to delight your kitty loving toddler. What makes UP CAT truly great though is that any adult who has experience with the antics of their feline companions will get plenty of chuckles out of how true to the nature of cats it is.

Vibrantly illustrated, there's just something about it that begs to be re-read over and over in spite of how simple it is. My little girl is very detail oriented when we read picture books an tells me about every item in the picture so she had a great time with this one.

If you know a cat loving kid UP CAT is a great choice. It's one of those books the child can 'read' to themself after hearing it a few times and is sure to be a favorite. I'm looking forward to picking up UP DOG too, though I don't see how dogs can ever compete with cats. ;)

Notes: Review copy received via NetGalley.

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