Beauty Rhi-view: L'Oreal Sublime Mousse by Healthy Touch Hair Color

L'Oreal Paris Healthy Look Sublime Mousse Haircolor
Company Site: Loreal Paris USA
Product Details: Sublime Mousse by Healthy Look® is a permanent conditioning hair color that provides beautiful, natural-looking color without the drips. The luscious mousse is as easy to apply as shampoo – no more parting or separating. Lively, shiny color with perfect gray coverage, it’s hair color to fall in love with! Sublime Mousse delivers beautiful, permanent color and perfect gray coverage in an ultra-light mousse that's as easy to apply as shampoo. The luscious, airy formula surrounds every strand with conditioning color and preserves hair's natural highs and lows for lively, healthy-looking shine. The airy mousse formula expands around hair, surrounding every strand so even hard-to-reach areas are covered.
Available in 16 shades.

Ingredients: Ingredients vary by color so please check the L'Oreal website for your desired shade.

Wouldn't recommend for long or thick hair. (3 Stars)

I started getting grays just shy of ten years ago and let's face it, no 23 year old woman wants to be a silver fox. But the idea of dyeing my hair was something I wasn't ready for either. I've always wanted to age naturally but with grace. Finding that balance is far from easy, especially when you come from a family where no one else got grays under 30. So for a couple of years I made the effort to hide them with dye and ended up loving the whole process. Something about the dyes tames my unruly hair and gives it a gloss I can't seem to have on my own. Then I got pregnant and held off for safety reasons and just kind of let it go for the past three years. Suddenly I stopped being carded to buy lottery tickets and I'm blaming my grays!

So I went shopping for dye only to find my previous favorite line isn't even being made anymore. Boo! Now what? With a myriad of new poducts before me I was overwhelmed. I love my natural color, I just wanted to cover my grays. I narrowed it down to wanting to try foam based color so I could do it myself without my husband's help. Finally I decided to go with L'Oreal because I'd been using their brand before and liked it. Then it was a matter of trying to choose a color under flourescent lighting. When wet my hair is pitch black. When dry it's a very dark brown. So I went with Pure Darkest Brown (#30) figuring it was probably the best choice if I wanted it to look natural as it fades.

It's a very simple process to get the dye ready and start coloring. My biggest problem was that the foam was very sloppy and watery. When it first came out it was white and had the consistency of latte foam, not the shaving cream consistency I was expecting. Right away it began running through my fingers and onto everything. Getting it through my hair was fairly easy at the top but getting it along my problem areas (the temples and right above the ears) proved troublesome without getting it all over my neck and face. The neckline ended up being tough too, I finally called the hubs in to check it for me and then he insisted on taking over. It took the entire bottle for my just below shoulder length hair. Once it was done I sat and read then rinsed it as best I could in my laundry sink. lol My hair is thick and there's so much of it the water ran brown for what felt like forever. Eventually I just hopped into the shower to finish rinsing because it was just too much. The worst part was that getting the dye in well required a lot of rubbing and my hair was matted by the time I got it well rinsed. The only thing that saved it was the conditioning treatment included in the box.

Once I dried it I decided I don't care for the shade. It's too dark and the lower half of my hair is black. Really black! The hubs loves the shade but it definitely does not look natural. It's all one color, no natural high or low lights showing. It is exceptionally glossy, however, so it wasn't a total bust. Would I use it again? Not in this shade. It wasn't a perfect process but unlike other products I've tried the smell wasn't unbearable and my scalp didn't itch the entire time. Once this one fades I think I'll look at Pure Dark Brown (#40) or maybe Ice Dark Brown (#41) and see if I get the same weird black-on-the-bottom effect.


See the stains on my neck? This is really messy.

 All those grays from the Before pics are gone and my fly-aways are less obvious thanks to it!

A little too dark but not horrificly so. Uber glossy finish!

Notes: Product purchased by me.

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