Beauty Rhi-flection: China Glaze Capital Colours Nail Polishes

Over the weekend I dragged my MIL out to the recently opened Sally Beauty Supply here in town. They're the only place in town that carries China Glaze nail polish so I've been anxious to get in there and buy the Hunger Games inspired polishes that have caused so much controversy.

If you haven't seen or heard about them yet it's not worth explaining but the short version is the colors ended up renamed. I believe the main issue was a disagreement on how to market them? Here are the original incarnations:

These inspirations make sense to me for the most part.
 And how they ended up renamed under a District theme:

Also kind of cool but fans would buy them no matter what they're called.
 As a HG fan and polish addict—though you'd never know it by my lack of a manicure in these pics—I have been really hoping I'd at least find some of them. Shockingly they only had eight of them and one of the ones I wanted was already opened and gooped down the side. I figured I'd bug the sales gals about them anyway and I'm so glad I did. They had a HUGE box in the back with all the missing colors and at least six of each available. So if you're looking for them in Montana, hit up the Great Falls Marketplace Sally Beauty Supply. The gals there were super helpful and friendly. They were also on sale for only $5.99 (not sure when that ends). They had the Magnetix ones too but they only had one bottle left in a shade I didn't want.

Anyways, I had a hard time picking since I wanted them all but couldn't afford to be so frivilous. My first picks were Smoke and Ashes and Luxe and Lush. I knew they'd sell out fast and the place was packed. From there it was a tough call. I decided to get Stone Cold (which turned out to be a matte finish) and Hook and Line since I love silvers and grays. I really wanted Agro but I have so many green polishes I thought I ought to hold back. Harvest Moon was also really gorgeous but I can't wear orange well with my coloring so I skipped it and Riveting. The photos online for Electrifying aren't very helpful as it's a thin red and gold glitter. The gals at Sally swatched it right there for me and I def didn't want it. I'm not a big pink fan but I really liked the dusty rose creme of Dress Me Up so I decided to try it. Fast Track reminded me of vomit and Foie Gras was just blah. Lastly, I chose Mahogant Magic. I've been looking for a great dark chocolate brown creme and while it's not exactly what I'm looking for I thought I'd love to try it.

Dress Me Up
(District 8 - Textiles)
a dusty rose creme

 Hook and Line
(District 4 - Fishing)
a silvery-gray shimmer

Luxe and Lush
(District 1 - Luxury)
a clear topcoat with iridescent flakes

Mahogany Magic
(District 7 - Lumber)
a milk chocolate creme

Smoke and Ashes
(District 12 - Mining)
a blend of dark green and blue shimmer in a dark base

Stone Cold
(District 2 - Masonry)
a gravelly gray with a matte finish

I haven't actually had the free time to use them since I picked them up so hopefully I get to show them off later this week. You can see gorgeous swatching of the entire collection over at Scrangie's blog, All Lacquered Up, and Vampy Varnish. Still wishing I'd bought Agro. Bah! Wish me luck getting time without pets and kids pestering me and the steady hands to give myself a decent mani sometime tonight!

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