The Sickies! More random chatter... it'll be funny!

Sooo the boy is still sick-ish. I'm furious with his teacher because he had 2 days to get my son's work together and it was an epic FAIL. Which means we had a 3 day weekend it could have all been finished in but noooo. I've been sick since Saturday, couldn't cancel my spa-day so I spent the whole time being miserable and tyring to enjoy the extra long massage because my poor aesthetician was running late thanks to the new receptionist.

You can find out if you'll get it on the website!
Now the poor tot is sick. Our plans to move her into her big girl bed have been foiled all week thanks to the weather not making it easy to move step-sis's furniture into the garage for storage. Hub's birthday was essentially canceled. I begged him to just go out and have dinner with his parents but he wouldn't. I'm a lucky lady there. Did I mention the ONLY thing tot wants to watch is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Her cold is not helping the impatience over not being able to make it be on 24/7. lol The good news is Disney is finally going to have a 24 hour Disney Junior channel coming in March! They're even going to have our son's favorite from when he was the tot's age—Rolie Polie Olie!

As I sit here typing up this post I have to giggle because what am I hearing through the baby monitor? She's singing the jingle from the DreamLites commercial. I'll admit it... I went to the website. I'm tempted but just not convinced. We already have three Pillow Pets and a Twilight Turtle that she loves. Not sure I can bust out $39.95 + S&H when we already have similar stuff. They sure are cute though. Plus I think she'd do better with it when she moves to the big girl bed than the hard plastic turtle. We'll see... maybe once I finally get this song out of my head. Seriously, watch this thing once and it will be stuck in your head for days!

There's been some good this week though. I totally won a Jewelmint piece on Tuesday! Even better... I got to pick! I'll hopefully be getting the Web Lace Ring which is probably the first piece I really wanted but rings are hard for me to wear so it was exciting to get it as a win. Plus I paid off my CC. Feels sooo good seeing it at zero. Now if only I could say I paid off my mortgage. Ha!

My Cravebox for February showed up today. I made an unboxing video even though I'm so sick. I'll have to give it it's own post with some photos tomorrow. It's okay loot but I'm not really wowed. I figured I'd try the EBOOST powder when I finished the video so I scanned the ingredients (gotta make sure no kiwi or certain herbs are in there lol) but ugh it's sweetened with Stevia. My mom's been a Stevia fan for years. I've tried it and find the aftertaste really unbearable. But I figured it would be fine since it's a small serving. OMG I was so sick. It's been almost 7 hours and my stomach still hurts. I had to rinse my mouth with black coffee, chew gum, and finally eat some toast to keep from vomiting. It was sooo gross tasting and I am not picky. All I could taste was the Stevia. Needless to say I will not be drinking the other two packets. I'll stick with Emergen-C.

And on a closing note... I need to go get reading for the other blog but check out these seriously 'why didn't I think of that' Life Hacks. Okay, so I have thought of a few of those. But some of them are too clever not to put to use. Like storing all the cords for the cameras and gadgets in empty toilet paper tubes? *facepalm* I could be saving my sanity with something I toss to the mice for their knawing habits. Later peoples! Rhi-out!

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