Product Rhi-view: Seventh Generation Baby Overnight Diapers

Seventh Generation Baby Overnight Diapers
Company Site: Seventh Generation
Product Details: For sweeter dreams and happier travels Everyone sleeps better when baby wears our NEW super-absorbent Free & Clear Overnight Diapers. The natural choice for naps, long trips or whenever baby needs extra protection, Overnights are free of fragrances, latex, chlorine and best of all, worries. And thanks to a new and improved core they're our most absorbent diapers ever. In celebration of our partnership with Dr. Seuss's The Lorax, (only in theatres, 2012), Free & Clear Overnight Diapers now feature delightful limited-edition character prints. Size 4 (22+ lbs)-24 ct Size 5 (27+ lbs)-20 ct Size 6 (35+ lbs)-17 ct

Ingredients: Chlorine free wood pulp, mixture of plant-derived polysaccharide and sodium polyacrylate (absorbent pad), polylactide* (dryness layer), polypropylene and polyethylene (core wrap, liner layer, outer layer, cuff moisture barrier layer, fastening system)†, adhesives (seams and joints), polyisoprene elastomeric, polymer spandex and polyurethane (fastening system and leg/waist elastic), inks (designs). * Our absorbent core contains wood pulp, corn- and wheat- derived materials to reduce the use of non-renewable petrochemicals. † Trace materials are commonly present in diaper products. Please visit seventhgeneration.com for more information on the brown color, trace materials and the use of petroleum-derived materials in our diapers

Worked well for us, not ONE leak. (4 Stars)
My little girl is a 12 hours of sleep a night kind of kid. While having leaks with our other brand (non-overnights) was never an issue they were always bursting by morning. When I saw the chance to check these out I decided to give them a try.

We went a full 14 hours one night/morning without leakage! I sometimes find that eco-friendly brands don't hold up to their counterparts but these were great. (Honestly I'd say they're comparable to Huggies Overnights). They're quite well made if a little scratchy textured and noisy. I definitely prefer the cloth-like texture of our other brand. The one issue I found with these (and have the same issue with Huggies) is that the straps and top always wound up kind of smooshed down and the edges would bunch inwards away from her sides leaving a slight gap. For some this kind of gap could mean leaks. As far as sizing goes, my little one has been in size 3's (she's about 25lbs) of our regular brand but I used the Stage 4's in these since we're about to move up in size on the others and these said 22-37lbs for Stage 4.

Overall I really liked the Seventh Generation Overnight Diapers so I decided we're going to give their training pants a try with our upcoming potty training adventure. These are about a third more expensive than what we usually use but if you care about eco-friendliness and can afford to spend the extra on them these are a great product.

Notes: Review sample provided by Amazon Vine. As always, my opinion on this product is my own and was not influenced by receiving the product for free.

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