Influenster Holiday Voxbox Rhi-flection

Much like the team behind Influenster I've spent most of January playing catch-up and getting ready for the next big thing on the calendar. But I have really wanted to sit down and write up a sort of closing post for the excitement that was the Holiday Voxbox.

As my first experience receiving a voxbox from Influenster I have to say it was impressive. While each of the products included (I was not one who received the XOut) was not very expensive it was completely free and lots of fun. Making videos, writing blog posts, and being social with the companies who provide the products for the boxes is a win-win for both parties. They get exposure, I get content for my blog and the pleasure of trying something new at no cost. I love that unlike subscription boxes that charge anywhere from $10-$30 per month the cost of a voxbox is essentially just your time. Quite simply it is the perfect box for bloggers like myself who don't have a large budget for splurging on new products to review in between our regular purchases.

The products in the box, with only one exception, are all products I would or have bought again.

You can find the Montagne Jeunesse face masks, Impress Press-On Manicure, Softsoap Coconut Scrub bars, and NYC New York Color cosmetics at most drugstores.

my #maskeraid party
Since the voxbox I've tried two more Montagne Jeunesse face masks. One was a chocolate mask which smelled sooo yummy and left my face moisturized better than the peel-off I received in the Voxbox. The other was a Dead Sea Mud one that smelled like bergamot and was extremely relaxing. They both helped calm down break-outs I was on the verge of too.

I finally found the Impress nails at the Walmart here but they only had six styles in stock (there were 8 they'd had in) and none of them were the ones I was hoping for so I'll wait it out and see if I can't get them elsewhere. They're not something I would wear for everyday but I'm going to pick some up for a couple of special occassions I have coming up. I love the lack of dry time and how well they stayed on that first few days. I won't be as hard on a set now since I purposely stress-tested my voxbox ones so I think they'll last several more days for me.

The Softsoap was the one product I didn't care for. My skin is pretty sensitive and it gave me a rash. My big kids actually loved it though. They've been using it with no issue since I put it in their shower and my son loves the coconut scent. Now if only I could convince him to wash his hair as well as his body... *giggle*

NYC Nude New York Liquid Lipshine
While New York Color isn't going to replace my boutique brand color cosmetics favorites I am definitely in love with their Liquid Lipshine. They're definitely more in my budget and for the price are really great products. I was honestly shocked at how flattering the Nude York City colored gloss was on all of the other Influenster ladies. The variety of complexions it worked with was impressive, not one person looked bad in it!

Garden Botanika Lash Primer
In addition to the other prettifying products in the box I received the Garden Botanika Lash Primer. Let me tell you... it is my favorite product from the box. I've never been interested in primers but they're so trendy right now I was excited to give it a whirl. Once upon a time I had the lushest, most gorgeous ebony lashes. It was called being a toddler. Now they're short and more a dark brown like my hair with pale tips. The volume and length I worked up with the primer was divine! Not only that, it didn't irritate my eyes like many eye make-up products do. I will definitely be buying this product again once mine runs out.

Now as far as the other two products go... I was already a Mentos Pure Fresh fan but had gotten out of my gum chewing habit in the past year. I go in phases, what can I say? It's great gum and got me back on the damned gum chewing habit. I've just made a point not to chew it at home. It goes in the purse, gym bag, diaper bag, and the glove box and I don't get it unless I'm going somewhere. Some people smoke... I chew gum. :P

Larabar Brand Challenge Winner!
Then there's my other favorite find thanks to the voxbox, Larabar. Made from minimal ingredients, no crazy processing and based on one of my favorite foods—the humble date—they're just plain good food. I've struggled eating breakfast since I was pregnant with my first child. That morning sickness thing has never quite gone away. So I like something simple and quick I can just nibble on between waking and lunch. The Cherry Pie I got in the box wasn't a win with me but I found Chocolate Chip Cookie and Cashew Cookie in the store since then. I ♥ the CCC one. Even the tot liked them so now I have to ninja eat them so she doesn't see me and want 'more coo-KEE!'.

Guess what? I also won the Larabar Brand Challenge! Which is extra cool because there were only 5 of those. I can't wait to get my water bottle—remember my goal of staying hydrated in 2012?—and five Larabars so I can try more flavors I haven't tried yet.

The next voxbox isn't going to be announced until Valentine's Day and has a love theme. I can hardly stand the wait and really hope I get selected. Even if I don't it'll be cool to see what great stuff they've put together for the box. I had such a great time getting to know new brands, meeting fellow Influenster sisters, trying and sharing the products, interacting with the Influenster team and companies. If you haven't joined Influenster yet I highly recommend you do it ASAP. Soon it is going to be invite only! I would hate for any of you to miss out on a chance to be part of it, it has been such a blast.

Lastly, I have to thank everyone who works at Influenster. Watching the hard work they go through keeping the machine that is Influenster in motion looks utterly daunting. The Twitter parties alone seem like a load of work and I had so much fun I really hope they do one again very soon. BEST Twitter parties I've been to. Thanks you guys! -- Rhi

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